African Literature Quiz – Episode 1

Here you go! Twenty questions on African Literature. Let’s see how much you know.

October 20, 2021

Are you ready to test your knowledge of African literature?

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How Much Do You Know About African Literature?

1. Wole Soyinka wrote the first full-length play produced on Nigeria television, “My Father’s Burden" in what year?
2. One of these African writers is a controversial writer?
3. Wole Soyinka and JP Clark wrote a poem which both have the same name, one’s diction is rigid and the other is easy going, what is the name of the poem?
4. Who is the author of “The Man Who Was Almost a Man?
5. All of the following are African writers except
6. In “The Dining Table” the poet wrote: "Dinner tonight comes with gun wounds." He compares the Sierra Leonean war to dinner and gun wounds as the meal, who is the poet?
7. The poem “Ambush” by Gbemisola Adeoti talks about?
8. Which of the following authors has not won a Nobel Prize for literature?
9. Which author helped Nelson Mandela edit his famous speech "I am Prepared to Die” during Mandela's trial for treason?
10. Which acclaimed poet became the first president of Senegal?
11. Who's the only African author to have won the Man Booker Prize twice?
12. Which novel about racial discrimination was made into a movie starring James Earl Jones and Richard Harris?
13. Who is the author of the “True Confessions of an Albino Terrorist?
14. What is the title of Nelson Mandela's autobiography?
15. Which Nigerian author features on Beyonce’s track “Flawless?”
16. The North African authors all write about gender, sexuality and faith. But who landed in Prison for her writing?
17. What is the title of Michela Wrong’s book about Kenyan whistleblower John Githongo?
18. The first African superhero appeared in a major American Comic book in the 1960s who was it?
19. Chinua Achebe, celebrated author of Things Fall Apart, was a Professor at which American Ivy League university?
20. Which country is the setting for Alexander McCall Smith's the No. 1 Ladies detective agency (starring Jill Scott in the TV adaptation)?

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