THE NIGHT TREASURE by Fisayo Obilaja

THE NIGHT TREASURE by Fisayo Obilaja


It was all dark and silent,

In a city filled with violence,

Crime was at the heart of every home,

There I was, at the city’s south gate,

Panting and silently ranting with annoyance

‘Cause there was none to rade!

‘Flickle-shikle’ I heard, sound of the city gates opening,

Pronto! my eyes and ears sprang up to alertness,

“Rich we’re tonight” I said to cosmos, my co-rader.

Slowly but surely, the late night visitor passed our little unnoticed cover.

Fat and chubby the visitor was,

Just like he eats yummy snack all his life

Exhilarated cosmos and I were,

Chucking and nodding our heads in anticipation of how thrilling his possessions would be.

Just in a moment,

There he was at the center of the city,

Looking somewhat confused! “This is the perfect moment” I concluded,

Boldly but fragile I walked, in an attempt catch my treasure for that night alone.

Staggering and dizzy like a real drunk the visitor became all too soon,

Confusion engulfed my heart!

With the despiracy still in me, I moved a little further and then, it happened,

Right into my criminal hands he slumped.


Quickly but steadily I dragged him into a narrow, silent and dark corner just before a tavern,

Hurryingly I lit my little candle and searched his body carefully for possessions while cosmos was on the watch.

In a second, I unwrapped his jacket off his chubby body, and then another jacket, and the next, and after that another and yet the fifth one!

In a great moment of surprise and confusion,

The visitor who seemed chubby was now a young beautiful lady that looked pale and exhausted!

That night, guilt and confusion ran through my veins.

Soon after, we were in my large but scanty room

“Puff-puff” she coughed taking a glass of the water.

And then, the simple beauty and smile of her face, tickled my little criminal heart!

I gazed at the empty space for a while saying

“Could it be Ade-Ronke the Oracle said I would meet some day?,

Or Ade-Dayo whom the Oracle said we’d be together? “

Only to ask of her name in a low tone, and behold

Aderonke-Adedayo her name indeed was.

“The gods be praised” I said at once!

Without haste, I soon stopped waiting at the city’s Gate, so did cosmos.

We soon fell ** ****, and the rest is history!

It was all dark and silent,

Aderonke-Adedayo, the treasure I caught that night!



About The Author

Obilaja Fisayo is a 200L computer engineering student at the Lagos state University. He has flair for poems, short stories and gives speeches and also indebted to in science. 


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