by Olusegun Ogunmola

Amina spoils the holy streets of Sokoto
With the stench from her fistulated tract,
As grandpa struggles to tame his libido
That keeps begging for more of the act
Ada is silently driven madly insane:
The horror won’t cease to replay in her mind,
But kin ties must unclipped remain,
So she must learn to feign mute and blind.
Eight rotten minds with altered senses
(End of substance use and pornography)—
Rob the poor teenagers of their innocencies,
Alas, one errand turns out too many!
He cooks himself another exorcism session
(Who’s delivering who— I really can’t tell):
Wooli  and inchoate Aanu in a hot horny session,
Ah, church on a par with a stinking brothel!
What’s left to be heard in this millennium:
A nine-month old smeared with seminal pap;
Doctor says she has a traumatised perineum
(But she had only sat on big uncle’s lap)?
One more body infected—
HIV, gonorrhoea— maybe;
One more issue unwanted,
Another “baby” bears a baby
Daughter, shall I weld you an iron panty
Secure and safe as Fort-Knox?
Shall I put your “under” under lock and key
To save you from unbridled cocks?
Daughter, should I weld you an iron panty
Secure and safe as Fort-Knox,
Mum would not let even me have the key,
For daughters now taste daddies’ cocks!


‘Segun ‘Mola (Olusegun Ogunmola) is a budding poet, singer, songwriter, and musician. He chooses to see his works as media for baring his mind on various subjects, from the perspective of his faith and convictions. He places much value on “little things”, as he believes that great things more often than not emerge from the seemingly small and insignificant ones. He is inspired primarily by personal vicissitudes, society, and relationships (with God and man). He is a graduate of university of Ilorin, Nigeria, where he studied Health Education.



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