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Samuel Osho

Creative Director

He is an award-winning writer, a public speaker, and a professional mechanical engineer. He is the Creative Director of Kreative Diadem – a platform for poets and writers. You can find some of his works on TheCable, YNaija, ScoopNG, The Manitoban, WRRNG amongst many others. Asides writing, his creative side expresses itself via photography and website designs.

Osho has a personal blog where he frequently shares his thoughts on writing, life, creative work, and digital marketing.


Ray Ndebi

Poetry Editor
Ray NDÉBI is a Cameroonian writer, living in Yaounde, the political capital of Cameroon. Author of The Last Ghost: son of struggle, this restless passionate of words is also the newly elected Secretary-General of PEN Cameroon, Chief Poetry Editor for Kreative Diadem, Creativity Analyst, Translator, Reviewer, Writing and Reading Coach. He holds many public and private workshops in schools, universities, literary events, Reading and Writing clubs… He leads a group of authors and students in developing new methods of Reading, Writing, Book Evaluation.


Ray NDÉBI is at the head of Re-Texte, a group of Reviewers and Translators working on manuscripts before they reach the targeted publisher, and on published books submitted by authors who need them to be reviewed or rewritten and republished. The aim of the group is to promote Quality Book throughout Africa and the rest of the world.


He is member OneAfricanChild and Vice-president of PROMISE Africa, two organisations working to build a wonderful world for children, orphans and young women.

‘Gbenga Adeoba

Associate Poetry Editor

‘Gbenga Adeoba is the author of the chapbook Here is Water, which appeared in African Poetry Book Fund’s New-Generation African Poets Series. His work has appeared in Oxford Poetry, Pleiades, Salamander, Poet Lore, African American Review, Prairie Schooner, and elsewhere. His writing explores themes of memory, transition, and the intersections between the imaginative and the historic. Find him on Twitter @_Snowburl.

Samuella Olaleye

Fiction Editor
Olaleye Samuella is a graduate of Cell Biology and Genetics from the University of Lagos. An avid reader, she enjoys spotting great works of art whether it is music, painting or literary works. Her love for books and quest for excellence is at par with her love for the biological sciences. A copy editor is her everyday life, her life’s purpose is to spot quality material for the advancement of the literary world.

Diana Anthony

Non-Fiction Editor
Diana Anthony is a graduate of Criminology (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba. She enjoys engaging in debates intended to spark meaningful social change globally. Her undergraduate Honours thesis entitled: “Many are called, “none” are chosen examines the ways in which racialized groups, in particular, African Americans and Indigenous Canadians are discriminated using the law. 
She believes that we live, talk, and do Sociology and attempts to draw these Sociological connections through everyday lived experiences. Given her passion for writing, she worked for the student press (The Manitoban) between 2016 and 2018 interviewing and writing news articles for weekly publication. During this time, she also worked alongside instructors from various faculties, carrying out duties such as marking/grading essays, and providing feedback aimed at improving students’ writing quality. 
A strong advocate against ageism, she believes age should not be a determinant of one’s capabilities or potential. She enjoys watching famous tennis star Serena Williams, who continues to prove that one’s life does not end in their 20s. Though having no background in film, Diana hopes to become a screenwriter, eventually breaking into Hollywood someday.


Kanyinsola Olorunnisola

Managing Editor

Kanyinsola Olorunnisola is a Nigerian poet, essayist and writer of fiction. His experimental works have appeared on many platforms, including Brittle Paper, Bird’s Thumb, Kalahari Review, Bombay Review, Lunaris Review, African Writer,, Tuck Magazine, Gyroscope Review, Parousia Magazine and Sampad International Anthology. He was the 2016 recipient of the Albert Jungers Poetry Prize. He also won the 2016 Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest (February) and was shortlisted for Ogidigbo Poetry Prize and Eriata Oribhabor Food Poetry Prize. He is the founder and president of SPRINNG Literary Movement.

Ayibabebra Alamene

Graphic Editor
I am a graphics designer that has a passion for the heavenly vision, also into photography and videography. I hail from Bayelsa State Nigeria. I speak English and Ijaw. My university days were spent at Benson Idahosa University, where I graduated with a Bsc. Computer science. My passion for graphic design is my top strength and won’t stop designing till the sky cracks open.

Ayobami Marcus Olasupo

Graphic Designer
Ayobami Marcus OLASUPO, a student of the University of Ibadan, is a graphic designer par excellence.
He enjoys the creative challenge, working directly with his clients, and pushing himself to produce the best work possible. He also does user experience design, making sure that websites and mobile apps are human-friendly, emotive, clear and aesthetically pleasing.

He has an interest in Management Consulting and is passionate about the use of data-driven insights and creativity to meet clients’ goals and expectations.

Folakemi Suulola

Social Media Manager

Folakemi Esther Suulola is a Wordsmith, a Worshipper, a Designer, and an Engineer-in-training. She is an award-winner public speaker with a modest array of accolades. She thrives on good conversations and the ability to communicate ideas which can change the world.

Esther is a lover of technology, arts, and culture. She is a polymath who is attracted to creative expressions and innovative concepts. She believes that unity in diversity is the cohesive force which would produce the change we seek in the world.

Folakemi desires to inspire hope, love, and life wherever she may. She is a tech enthusiast who advocates for ICT skills and STEAM education, especially among females. She is an author who lives in Nigeria and is at work on a novel. Her pen name is Flourish Davidine.

Our second issue ever Rebel is out. We had enthralling conversations with Frances Ogamba, Caleb Okereke, and Logan February. It is a bouquet of the best thought-provoking pieces you will find out there.

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