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We have got a catalog of spell-binding flash fiction. You will definitely get engrossed in these specially crafted literary delicacies.

JOG IN THE RAIN by Carl Terver

JOG IN THE RAINby Carl TerverShe saw the new pair of trainers in the cupboard, fine white things wrapped in a transparent bag. Only, the size was smaller. She knew Dami jogged every morning because she had been waking up beside him these days. Dami was a quiet guy, in...

ANEESAH by Sobur Olalekan

ANEESAH by Sobur Olalekan Aneesah - Second Runner-up of the 2018 Kreative Diadem Annual Creative Writing Contest (Flash Fiction Category) When I had my first daughter, I saw Aneesah in my sleep for seven days. Sometimes she was a child of six or seven, fashionably...

CRIMSON by Uche Osita

CRIMSON by Uche Osita October 2008 Adaeze, Do you remember the way I used to hold your hand? Do you recall how I kissed you the day you told me that your father had finally left your mother? How tender our lips; rubbing off the loss that you knew could only be stayed...

BROKEN TEARS by Akinsanya Damilola

BROKEN TEARS by Akinsanya Damilola "Broda please, please find me something, my belle dey crack, broda please, please abeg you." He said this line in the same precise version over and again as though he spent an entire day memorizing that part. I looked straight into...


THE CALL OF THE CROW I did not know what to write, I had always searched for the right story everywhere in mind. Then my mother woke me up. It was midnight and the whole village was sleeping. “Listen…” she whispered to my ear, and I waited for her to talk; she did...


On Chat. Christmas Eve. Me: Hey Darling. I just got off the phone with your Dad. Him: LOL. And how did it go? Me: Surprisingly, 'twas easier than I thought. Was a lil' scared at first, you know, talking to him for the first time. Him: Told you you'd be fine. He...

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