by Kariuki wa Nyamu

I’ll always remember
admiring your gorgeous eyes
embracing warmness of your character;
Enjoying we charm of our friendship
Me, cuddling you; you, tickling my fancy
Eating we lovely jokes for breakfast
as lie we on the couch
Me, soft-twisting your arm on lawn
You and I mental-screening our tomorrow
in a family, an envy of many
reiterating that I wouldn’t make vows I’d break
Yes, I’ll always remember
You in my world, me in yours


I’ll always remember
the days I’d write myriad love epistles
to your cheerful heart
those that lived with me for years
My mouth unable to confess terms
unable to delete lovely pages from mind
unable to shed leaves of pleasure from heart
My soul never exhausted of carrying love’s load
Yes, I’ll always remember
storing tanks of relentless love, 
Keeping it intact in my mind, heart and soul
in honour of the most irresistibly gorgeous lady I’ve ever met
Yes, I’ll always remember
You in my world, me in yours
I’ll always remember
often reminding you how you opaque all 
Me, reassuring you that
no simile or metaphor befits your comparison
I’ll always remember
vowing that my heart will hold you dearest
till End of Time
hence I’ll love, and cherish you my morning star
since the walls of my heart
over and over again testify power of our solid love
as flames of love remain ever on
reminding us we’re meant be one love
forever and ever!


Kariuki wa Nyamu is a passionate Kenyan poet, radio playwright, editor, translator, literary critic and educator. In 2012, he was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts (honours) with Education, English Language and Literature of Makerere University, Uganda. He has won creative writing competitions at school, university and national level. Apart from poetry and radio plays, he also writes film scripts, short stories, satirical essays and fiction for Children.

His poetry is published widely both in print and online, such as in A Thousand Voices Rising, Boda Boda Anthem and Other Poems, Best New African Poets 2015 Anthology, Jalada Africa, Praxis Magazine, The Wagon Magazine, Poetry Potion, Experimental Writing: Volume 1, Africa Vs Latin America Anthology, Best New African Poets 2016 Anthology, and also forthcoming in Multi-Verse: Kenyan Poetry in English Since 2003, among others. He is presently pursuing a Master’s in Literature at Kenyatta University, Kenya.  Poetry is certainly his territory.



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