Actions, Emotions; Perceptions


We express our interpretations of reality in diverse manner
Colors that disperse in such beautiful spectra
Glowing with exceptional radiance
Resplendent in extra-ordinary ambience


They say blue is love
Red is the color of blood
Purple suggests royalty


Gold is said to symbolize wealth and comfort
White is likened to purity
Often also likened to affluence
Green represents positivity

Just the way you feel!

Just the way you feel!


Have you ever dared to ponder upon certain mysteries?
Underlining themes of our very existence
Mysteries such as our everyday sleep


Have you ever wondered why we try, but fail to exist without emotions?
Feelings! As described by some
Endless cyclic phenomena to which even science has failed to proffer adequate theories


The intangibly tangible
That enable us appreciate the very essence of tangibility


Ladies and gentlemen;
I paint before you
Colors of you and colors of me


Actions, Emotions; Perceptions
Tripartite bedrock(s) of our humanity






Adejobi Israel O. is a young emerging and pioneering leader with a rapidly growing sphere of influence and recognition.

Asides an educational background in Statistics (B.SC), he exerts an active presence in creative writing (poetry, prose, plays, et cetera). As at 2013, he had well over five hundred poems written and that number keeps piling rapidly as ever. He is also actively writing (reports, communiqués, amongst other forms of writing best suited for the corporate environment) as well as events, projects revolving round the central theme of human capital development.

In his short, but fast-paced years, Adejobi Israel has pumped all of his time, energy and resource into all and many things noble geared towards capacity building in readying himself and others – alongside and behind – for appropriate positioning and competence for excellence amongst and above his counterparts on the global scene.

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