THE UNICORN CALL by Adedayo Ademokoya

THE UNICORN CALL by Adedayo Ademokoya


by Adedayo Ademokoya
Seeing this uncommon dexterity
so pure and awesome in a mortal
dwarfing my understanding
and making my dumb mind vibrate
Even the inner me cannot deny
this silhouette of loveliness
My head and heart pounding thoughts
in the mortar of desire and the pestle
of my imaginations becoming wild
Like a young cow
my heart skipped
my body pleasured
by sleepless nights
and my bravery pressured
 by gruesome fear.
Oh, figure of light
do you know that someone
is dying to give you a kiss?
do you know that my hands dreaded
the fact of touching and not your skin?
do you know that my voice-box shatters
with the fear of calling and another answering?
do you know that my knees
are weak with doubt and desire?
Even my black sweaty cheeks
glows at your masterpiece
only for fear to distract our union
if I make the unicorn call
will I get an answer?


Adedayo Ademokoya is a freelance writer and a poet who believes in infusing passion into words and loves to make the world a better place. He is a lover of football that supports Manchester United. He his also called FantasticDee. His works have appeared on BraveartsAfrica, Thought Catalog, African Writer and PenAStory.

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