This clamour for fame and power,
Firm and strong like a rigid tower,
Dredging higher even lower,
Like the stench of a fury fowler.

Can this be an ambition or slain esteem,
Craving for power and rule to redeem,
Oh! a wretch reaching to cleanse a spleen,
Helpless in his own cause and plea.

Awake oh youth; as this drama unfolds,
Unveiling the mask as you behold,
The masteries of greed it holds,
Representing the truth it can’t uphold.


Oh that this poll would be free and fair!
The right of freedom and its shares,
Lowly citizens would gladly bear,
The dividends of patriotism made bare.

Watch it! leaders and custodians be aware,
Ride on majestically in greed but beware,
The theft that rip the whole nation naked,
Will leave your own generations half baked.

Let this poll be a hallmark of truth,
Though its past and present seem crooked,
Refined your path amidst its brook,
Till its integrity enrich us all.

About the Author

Adeya Oluwatoyin Pleasant was born to Nigeria parents, Mr. and Mrs Adeya Ambrose, hails from Ondo state, Nigeria. She graduated from the Federal university of Technology Akure where she bagged honours in Crop science. She loves writing, reading and other creative works. Currently, she is in the practice of Crop science and fashion design.

She speaks of hope and dispatch it in the simplest form possible to all who cares to listen; influencing youths positively to step into emerging horizons. She is renowned for honesty and truth and she hates injustice.

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