RATED EIGHTEEN by Olusegun Ogunmola

RATED EIGHTEEN by Olusegun Ogunmola

RATED EIGHTEEN (Remain a Child)

by Olusegun Ogunmola

I may taste the connubial meal,
Subtly dished in a LED screen;
I may force the orgasmic thrill,
Once I am ripe— only eighteen?
My lips may be blackened by tar
And my breath odorized by nicotine;
(I may even brush my teeth with Star®)
Since I’m already eighteen?
These blue scenes are too strong—
For my eyes which are still green,
But, though rated XXX— triply wrong—
They should be right once I’m eighteen?
Hangovers will rob me of my sleep,
Cancer will rip off my lungs within;
Ladies my mind will naked strip,
Because I dared to be really eighteen?
Innocence is surely not for men,
(Boys should shy away from sin);
Purity is really not for women,
Chastity is for girls under-eighteen.
Better I remain a child as touching evil,
Better I remain a child and stay clean;
Better I never ripen enough for this age’s people,
For here, sin is proudly rated eighteen!


‘Segun ‘Mola (Olusegun Ogunmola) is a budding poet, singer, songwriter, and musician. He chooses to see his works as media for baring his mind on various subjects, from the perspective of his faith and convictions. He places much value on “little things”, as he believes that great things more often than not emerge from the seemingly small and insignificant ones. He is inspired primarily by personal vicissitudes, society, and relationships (with God and man). He is a graduate of University of Ilorin, Nigeria, where he studied Health Education.

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