BETRAYAL by Ken Odenigbo

BETRAYAL by Ken Odenigbo


by Ken Odenigbo
The host, says the field is clear,
We wonder in fear, we are unwell,
Because the night draws near.
It’s time for war, little time for us to dwell.
Betrayer! traitor!
Our comrade, our danger,
A rouge vindicator.
Once a captain, now a stranger.
The host, our fellow,
With no knowledge of that, bagged with trust.
Our comrade, we follow,
A death battle we did not know will burst.
We were a fused prey to the host;
A conjoined toast.


My name is Ken Odenigbo, I’m currently studying Economics at Paul University.
I am 20 years old, I am obviously a poet with a bigger dream of becoming a better poet. I reside in Lagos, Nigeria.




February 14, 2015

7:00am, Abuja

Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria is one of the most beautiful places one could ever visit. The serenity of the atmosphere is compelling; the amazing architectural edifices neatly arranged in the city and the honking of exotic cars which littered the roads. It was a day separated for lovers to express their love and affection.

“This postponement of elections just damaged a lot of plans; No wedding to attend today and my beautiful wife is not around for Valentine’s Day. How I wish Flora is here with me? Play with her long hair, stare into her deep blue eyes and hold her hands as we hit the town for a memorable cruise. Anyways, I will have fun and enjoy myself, Flora should be doing the same in her place. The special Valentine Card and gifts should have reached her doorstep by now, I will place a call to her phone later in the day and that should be fine. I have to indulge myself a little and have fun as well.” Senator James Dauda was lost in his thoughts as he looked through the window of his bedroom at the beautiful scenery of the Lake Jabi which was opposite his house.

Senator James Dauda, a tall handsome broad-chested man in his late thirties with large eyes kept behind his pair of thick spectacles. He is a proud father of a twelve year-old boy, David and a ten year-old girl, Esther. James is an advocate of education and he took giant strides to ensure that his children get the best of it. The children with their mother reside in South Africa; attending a College in the University of Pretoria where Flora is having her Professional Masters in International Relations. He visits them at least twice in a month; in the first and last weeks of the month. Immediately he got married, it dawned on him that it was a call to parenthood; he decided to drop some vices and bad habits as he never wished his children to exhibit any of them. In the last two years, since his family moved to South Africa, he had struggled to keep with his resolutions as his pool of friends keep pulling him back.

The moment of betrayal

The moment of betrayal

12:00pm, Pretoria, South Africa

The clicking of her high-heeled shoes was halted as she dropped her luggage for check-up at the security unit of the Pretoria International Airport. Flora, a pretty fair-complexioned lady with cheeks flustered with dimples and a voice that could send a man into the heavens decided to embark on a trip. At the age of thirty five, she looked young, agile and beautiful than ever and many were always stunned whenever they see her with David or Esther.

“Yes, I made the right decision, I am going to give James a big surprise today. On a Valentine’s Day of this ilk, it will be good to reignite our love and remind him of how we started this romantic script of love that has evolved into a beautiful home with two kids.” Flora was soliloquizing about the reason for her impromptu trip while she was inside the plane on its way to Abuja international airport.

3:00pm, Abuja

The sound of the large flat screen TV filled the spacious and artistically decorated living room of Senator Dauda. James seated on a sofa was watching a Premier League football match between Arsenal and Chelsea. He is an ardent supporter of Arsenal FC and he had teased his friends about how Arsenal will win this one. The scores at the moment is 1-1 and it was just twenty minutes to the end of the match. Engrossed in the mirth of the game, he was oblivious of the clicking sound of the high-heeled shoes of Flora who just entered the living room with her luggage. She had opened the door with her personal key and she was disappointed with what kissed her eyes as she scanned the living room. The room was engulfed in thick smoke of cigarette and pungent smell of alcohol with all sorts of drinks scattered on the table.

She almost fainted on sighting the secretary of his husband, Caroline dressed in a white lingerie with a cup of wine in her right hand while the left hand rested on the laps of James gently puffing his cigar.

James and Caroline jolted back to the reality of the living room as the high-pitched and emotional voice of Flora flooded the room: “James!!!!! Happy Valentine to you!!!!” she said as she turned back with her luggage aiming for the knob of the metal door.


****Purely fictional and creative thoughts of the writer, any sort of coincidence with living persons was not intended.

P. S.: “Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.” – French-Cuban Author,  Anais Nin.


©  2015 by Osho Samuel Adetunji.


Osho Samuel Adetunji is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Nigeria’s premier University, University of Ibadan. He is a poet, a blogger, a Public Speaker, an on air personality with a knack for short stories, inspirational articles and poems. He is a great thinker, creative and dexterous young man who does not only believe in excellence but also extols the tenets of discipline, hard work and effectiveness.

He co-founded THE COURTROOM in 2012. He is the founder of KREATIVE DIADEM, a new initiative which kicked off on March 1, 2015.He is an inspirational young man who is addicted to going an extra mile in all facets of life. He is also a lover of football, tennis and boxing. You can follow him on Twitter with the handle: @inisamosho.

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