We’ve endured the pain for so long
But our feeling is still strong
There’s still hope for us
Our girls will return to us

Our hearts weep
And we hardly sleep
Our girls are still missing
And we keep thinking and crying

365 days in bondage
At a very young age
I swear I can’t bear it
But our girls are bearing the heat

Tears in my eyes
I wish I could pay the price
For the freedom of our girls
Our precious pearls

Nobel Peace Prize Winner for 2014, Malala campaigning against the kidnapping of the Chibok girls. Source: internet images.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner for 2014, Malala campaigning against the kidnapping of the Chibok girls. Source: internet images.

We don’t even know where they are
Near or far
That’s the most painful part
That pierces my heart

I know what the mothers cry for
But I can’t explain the agony and the horror
Of losing a daughter in one night
Without being able to give a fight

It took Malala’s words
For our president to search for our wards
We protested
Wept and demonstrated

Bring back our girls Now!

Bring back our girls Now!

But we still hope
Even in pain we still cope
Until our daughters
Return to their mothers.


© 2015 by DURODOLA Folarin


Dedicated to the more than 200 Chibok girls kidnapped in North-Eastern Nigeria on April 14, 2014.





Durodola Folarin Quadri. Born on the first of January 1991. I attended the university of Ibadan as a student of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering. Editor-in-Chief of the departmental press organisation. I like books and one of the best I ever read was Living, Loving and Learning by Professor Felice Leonardo Buscaglia. I enjoy sports and computer games. Poetry gives me succour when I write about how I feel. Most times I write based on real situations because they inspire me more than imagination. I’m quiet and sometimes I’m being labelled as shy, while some simply say I’m an introvert.





My feet bear the portrait of Odyssey

Through your passages of seasons;

I am the custodian of the memories


Nigeria at 100

Nigeria at 100

I have spread the arms of this poem

Like street traders’ wares,

Let history journey beyond Lugard’s court

In this caravan of verses.

Inkhorn suffers no amnesia;

This Odysseus’ staff-like pen,

Bears the cargo of words,

Knitting your puzzling tales

Of a hundred years into an elegy

That mocks centennial fetes


When Lamentations relieve

The national anthem,

I put on my prophetic garb;

Like Jeremiah, I see into other realms

I envisage heaven’s embassy

Where your rulers

Suffer multiple visa rejection

I am in tune with

Your theatre of absurdity

Where politrickers act out

Corruption‘s endless scripts



Niger and Benue are the tributaries,


I join the confluence of testaments;

Your regions are havens,

I fear not,

I fear north!


About the Author

‘Gbenga Adeoba is a lover of words. His poems have appeared in Sankofa LitMag, Bukrepublik and elsewhere.




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