Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dubai, 12:00pm

A newly wedded Nigerian couple after the wild celebrations of their wedding ceremony, travelled down to the United Arab Emirates for their honeymoon. From the onset, their plan was to visit Paris; take snapshots with the Eiffel Tower and behold the beauty of the French capital but they could not get a French visa.

Loads of mirth were generated by the awesome scenery which greeted them at the entrance of Downtown Dubai. It did not only trigger their romantic love but brought back the ecstasy of the wedding ceremony. On arrival at the four star hotel on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard which was a stone throw away from Burj Khalifa, the wife screamed for joy on spotting a swimming pool to the left side of the gate. She has a knack for swimming but being a medical doctor did not provide her the luxury of time. She was a passionate amateur swimmer and her husband is not doing bad either.


The couple

On entering the bedroom, she rushed into the bathroom and changed into her swimming trunks covered with a white pyjamas ready to have a feel of the pool. She waved her husband goodbye and told him to join her downstairs. Her husband tried to talk her into resting but she insisted on relaxing with the swimming. The young handsome man tried to pull off his shoes but rather fell into a deep sleep as his back touched the neatly laid bed.


Dubai, 3:00pm

A wild tap on the door jolted him from his sleep, he staggered so he tried to gain balance and understand his new environment. He opened the door and it was one of the hotel attendants, the lady asked him if he was the husband of Mrs. Rose Williams. He nodded his head forward with fright in his eyeballs as he inquired of what happened to her. He sprinted rapidly with the attendant.

In a hospital on the other side of the road to the entrance of the hotel, Rose was in a deep coma with her head plastered and an oxygen respirator fixed to her nose. She was inundated with joy that she forgot to check the depths of the steep swimming pool. She plunged into the pool in its shallow end and smashed her head on concrete. Amidst heavy panting and sighs of deep breath, the voice of her husband filled the room, “Rose!!!”. He stood at the bedside and deeply kissed her mouth and her eyes popped open.

P. S.: There is a point in life when ovation is at its loudest and victorious celebration is at its peak. Euphoria swings in with its full energy leading to a wild jubilation. Euphoria has the potential to intoxicate if not cautioned, which affirms that too much of everything is inappropriate.

© 2015 by OSHO Samuel Adetunji



Osho Samuel Adetunji is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Nigeria’s premier University, University of Ibadan. He is a poet, a blogger, a Public Speaker, an on air personality with a knack for short stories, inspirational articles and poems.

He co-founded THE COURTROOM in 2012. He is the founder of KREATIVE DIADEM, a new initiative which kicked off on March 1, 2015.He is an inspirational young man who is addicted to going an extra mile in all facets of life. He is also a lover of football, tennis and boxing. You can follow him on Twitter with the handle: @inisamosho.

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