THE HUMILITY OF GOD by Samuel Kolawole Adebayo

THE HUMILITY OF GOD by Samuel Kolawole Adebayo


by Samuel Kolawole Adebayo

He who made water
Came to Jordan
To be baptized of water.
God took upon himself
The flesh of man,
Which will mean God visited the John [which is not Baptist],
Which will mean God might have slept
In a room full of mosquitoes,


Which will mean God might have
Been beaten by rain,
Which will mean God can cry,
Which will mean God is just like you and me,
Which will mean the creator
Became as his creation,
Which will mean salvation
Is for the high to come low.
And this will mean I cannot save others
If I look at them from above,
This will mean change happens not in the palace,
Not from the corridors of power,
Not from the distant throne;
I was made high for the low.
I must become as the common man;
For only when the palace
Comes unto the sordid places
Will change truly begin.
And isn’t this how God saved man?



Kolawole Samuel Adebayo is an old soul in a young Nigerian body whose poems seek to awaken human consciousness. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming on Glass Poetry, Button Poetry, Burning House Press, Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine, Tuck Magazine, Mojave Heart Review, Praxis Magazine, Eunoia Review, BPPC anthology, and elsewhere. He likes to connect with his friends via his Twitter handle, @samofthevoice.




The moment I saw you,
Sitting under the oak tree,
Running to catch the bus,
In the coffee shop,
I knew I had to have you.
This may sound ridiculous to you,
But it’s true none the less,
I loved you from that moment.
You occupy my thoughts day and night
I spend my days thinking about you,
Working behind the scenes to make your life beautiful

I saw you!

I saw you!



Wondering when my love for you would become apparent to you.
Remember that time you almost missed your lecture,
I’m the one who helped you make it in the nick of time.
Or the time you were depressed and on the brink of giving up,
I sent your friend to call you and cheer you up.
There are too many instances for me to recount them all.
Beloved, I love you with everything within me
I have called you by name
I have chosen you
Even when you did not know me
Or care to know me.
At the risk of being rejected,
I offer you my life
I want us to live forever in love and harmony
To go through life in sync with one another
It may take time for you to love me
But I don’t mind waiting
Your love is worth it.
I eagerly await your response.




Sinmi Aiyelaagbe is a medical student who has enjoyed reading from a young age. She occasionally writes poems and short stories.


A heart of worship

I see holy hands,
Numerous as the seashore sand,
Responding to a worship band,
Yet expecting miracles from a magic wand,

Desperate voices scream for fame,
All muttering Jesus name,
Gambling with Christ as if in a game,
Making the church so lame,

Ecclesia stooped so low,
Obstructing the spirit’s flow,
Cringing at the sight of the Devil’s blow,
Licking wounds inflicted by the Accuser’s arrow,


As the strings and the trumpets peep,
Thousands weep,
Like Jonah in a fishy Jeep,
But their spirit is in a deep sleep,

Sunday is a day for the Halleluyah song,
Danced all week to the Devil’s gong,
Tossed and oppressed like a ping pong,
In need of a coal from heaven’s tong,

Beautiful to the eyes,
Like a stack of cherry pies,
Rotten on the inside with lies,
A meal fit for a swarm of flies,

Worship is not singing with strife,
After fighting with your wife,
Threatening to stab her with a knife,
Worship is living a holy life,

Not the swaying of hip,
Not the mumblings of the lip,
Not the hopping of men chased by Masquerade’s whip,
But honoring God’s love with a heart of true worship.

© 2015 by OSHO SAMUEL Adetunji

About the Author

Osho Samuel Adetunji is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Nigeria’s premier University, University of Ibadan. He is a poet, a blogger, a Public Speaker, an on air personality with a knack for short stories, inspirational articles and poems. He is a great thinker, creative and dexterous young man who does not only believe in excellence but also extols the tenets of discipline, hard work and effectiveness. He is an award-winning individual who is multifaceted and consistently measures success by effective impact.

He is a writer per excellence with articles published on VAVANE AFRICA, THE SCOOPNG, KONNECT AFRICA, Paarapo and Home zone media. He co-founded THE COURTROOM in 2012 with Tijani Mayowa. He is the founder of KREATIVE DIADEM, a new initiative which kicked off on March 1, 2015.
You can follow him on Twitter with the handle: @inisamosho.

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