Hungry little boy

If only you looked at my side

You’d see that I am burning inside

If only you considered my plight

You’d see that I’ve never known light

My life has been a fight

For survival and for life

All I’ve known is strife

Please let a brother live

I never chose my parents

I never chose my fate

My life is full of talents

No platforms to display

I sit here in the trash cans

Praying for quails and manna

Dreaming of my late mama

Recalling her last stammer

Hungry little boy

Hungry little boy

To those with silver spoons

That glister like the moon

Won’t you spare a bite

Or help me reach my heights?

I thought I had a right to life

Conditions kill me everyday

At times like this

Death looks so good

For when I steal

You chase the thief

I run from hunger

I land in thirst

A child that’s starving

Can have no rest

My refuge, the garbage

My bed, the grass

My rants are senseless

My sense is ranting

To Christians and brethren

Christ died for me

To muslims and faithfuls

I pray so often

To the famous and great

Your pride is vague

For the truly great man

Is stirred by compassion

Of all the laws and customs

Rights and obligations

Of all constitutional chapters

Sections and subsections

A right to food

Is a right to life

A right to clothing

Is part of living

A right to shelter

Makes life worth living

I’m just a hungry little boy


Chuks Obi is a law student at the University of Ibadan. He writes poems that bring to light various issues affecting Africa with the aim of drawing public attention to them, thus, making the world a better place.

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