Mojirola Abeki


Yes, a million birds-one peacock
A million stars-one moon
A million women-one you
Eyė Bi Okin k’osi nigbo


I have a story to tell you
Yes, a tear to break
I have a head to ache
The story of true missing love


The skies are without a star
The moon, hidden like a scar
My pain cannot be taken to a spa
For My smile is only an avatar


Two lovebirds

Two lovebirds

Everything seem fake
Even the cake we bake
Soothes our pain and aches
Only for a little joy break


When would I find one like you?
Whose love never aches
Who would hold my hands thru pains
And would know my smile is pale
Who would tell me who I truly am


Abeki, loving  you is eternal
Beyond life’s ephemeral


Your touch Soothes my sprain
Your voice Soothes my pain
Your presence give hope
Your absence-tears evoke


When would I find one?
Whose love is greater than mother’s
Whose support is greater than father’s
Whose care company feels like brother’s

Perhaps when I meet you Again.

TIJANI Oluwamayowa.


About the Author

Tijani is a poet, witty speaker, and award-winning Journalist. He was awarded most outstanding Pressman at University of Ibadan for 2013 and 2014.


As a public speaker, Tijani became arguably the finest speaker on any Nigerian campus, following his win at the Nigerian Championship of Public Speaking (Abuja 2013).

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Am Pregnant! Yes Pregnant! And For You!

I tried an abortion but failed like a coup

Pregnant like a dove not like a turtle-dove

Not with a child but with your subtle-love


Pregnant like the succulent grasses of the rain forest

I’m lost in the amazing maze of mesmerizing interest

Pregnant like the clouds about to pour with zest

I’m lost in my conquest to find your love on hillcrests


I have been arrested beaten and molested

By the gods of interest and the demons of pursuit

Yet I never give up to pain and despair

Though I have a sprain yet I ascend your stairs


Not to rest but to deliver my pregnancy

Not in discrepancy but with all decency

I have the tendency to fail but all I ask is clemency

from your heart and soul where I hope there is vacancy

Delivering my pregnancy

Delivering my pregnancy


I have climbed the highest hills

Just to tell you how I feel

I have crossed the largest seas

Just to show you the future I see


I Have lived in valleys

Just to express my values

I have hunted for miles

Just to see you full of smiles


The winds of love bend the branches of my heart in one direction

The tides of your affection leave me with fondness as infection

The sun of your feelings hit me hard like electrons

The rainstorms of passion sting me like injections


In Pains yet in pleasure

In deserted plains yet I find you to treasure

Tho my emotions mount pressure

Yet I endeavor to give you leisure


Your lips is sweeter than refined colostrum

Your heartbeat is more sonorous than my subtle drums

Your skin is as cool and tender as the morning dew

Your words taste as sweet as the African woman’s stew


Forget Zuma and Abuja come with me to Kilimanjaro

Let me swear my love in the presence of Cupid’s arrow

Let us have an exchange of hearts and rings

Lets us leave my kins and live as queen and king.


Words would try, but ail

Verses would aim but fail

Thousands of poems may be to no avail

But let not your heart be veiled


Lovers may say; “till death do us part”

But I say; even death cannot cross our path

Just like a pair of dice

This love will toss us to paradise.



—TIJANI, Oluwamayowa Emmanuel!


About the Author

His prowess as the poet, writer and administrator saw him through as the editor-in-Chief of the much revered Mellanby Hall Press organization, (The first Hall of residence in any sub-saharan University). As the Editor-in-Chief, he drove the organization to being the best Press organization on campus in 2013[UCJ, CAMPUS TIMES AWARDS], as he was also awarded most outstanding Pressman for 2013 and 2014 (Campus Times award and JCI FOPA).

As a witty public speaker, Tijani became arguably the finest speaker on any Nigerian campus, following his win at the Nigerian Championship of Public Speaking (Abuja 2013). Till his exit from the University of Ibadan, he stood out as the university’s finest satirist via his numerous political prosaic renditions on and off social media. Tijani is currently serving his fatherland as a practising Journalist who wants the best for his country.


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