by Anthony Okpunor

what is that in your mouth
your mock your father’s silence before it becomes
                                                            girls who do not spell the alphabets in your name correctly
                                   you say it’s bitter drinking from an ocean
                                                                                  you love the color of bitterness
what part of you isn’t crazy
madness is love sometimes
                                the truth is you once cared for your father
talk about your science teacher
               did he not say the earth revolves with you in it
it is vain to accept love without accepting sadness first
your name is different in every language
                                 no one knows what’s wrong with you
                                 your hand is a road map
                                 your dead lovers are road maps
                                 your bitten tongue is a road map
a road map is what is lost after naming a body of water
a road map is your skin beautiful with different boys calling it white
not-white       caucasian      olive-brown       jewish                         there are some words that fit into leaking tongues
  your skin is quick and brief—something bitten into black
boys yawn before biting at your flesh
biting into rocks with honey
it means you should cook before it’s late at night
                                                                             the world has it that bad dreams come with late
night foods
but your worries are different        aren’t they
in the morning you will notice that songs float in every bird’s tongue
so do not worry about what died on your face
what flew from your mother and burned your house down
your mother beats your younger brother’s mouth for cursing
   & those words always fall back into yours
you like the way your brother screams in pain
your mother is always blind from anger
again your worries are different
you know though
you dance your body into the depth of water and it stings your mother’s heart
you should teach young men who visit
                                    that a boat inside you do not sail with lovers


Anthony Okpunor is a Nigerian writer who discovered poetry and writing in general, as a better form of self-expression from his early school days. He lives and writes from Asaba in Delta State. He is a student of the University of Benin at the time. He splits his time between writing, reading, lectures, good epic music, and himself. His works have appeared in several online platforms including African Writers and Praxis Magazine.




You are not growing younger
Were the words of my mother
Breasts as firm as a pumpkin
Skin glistering with youthful hue
When shall you bring the man home
That will balance your equation
Plant fertile seeds in your soil
To germinate as boys and girls

So I went to the husband market
My perfume’s scent stronger than camphor
Clad in a dress of advertisment
High heeled shoes sounding ko ko ka
With feminine curves visible to the blind
And a mastery of the art of catwalking
I shook my credentials from left to right
To the stares and smiles of spectators

In the search for a God-fearing man
I joined the ushers in service
Welcoming men with charming smiles
Saying ‘you are blessed’ in the sweetest voice
Bending and rising to the songs of praise
Lifting gold bracelets in adoration
It seemed like I had no luck
But my pastor said, ‘the siege is over’


On a Sunday morning, my prayer got answered
Through the handsome chorister
Whose voice was like a nightingale’s
He sang a hymn that touched my soul
And I felt this divine turnaround
As his hands performed magic on the guitar
He later confirmed the thoughts in my heart
I felt this peace inside of me

From the day I got his diamond ring
I began to swim in the pool of love
With his salary, he pampered my stomach
And made me his royal queen
Judas promised to marry me
He was the man I had waited for
Although he claimed his parents were dead
He was too born again to lie

It was wedding preparation time
Tarrying in prayer in his room
When he grabbed me in his loving arms
Reaching areas beyond the normal range
I broke away and made to leave
But he threatened to desert my life
Just few months to my wedding day?
No obstacles at the edge of breakthrough!

Can you tell the story from there?
My gateway has been broken through!
The ring still shines on my finger
Judas is nowhere to be found
Judas Junior now rocks my womb
Insults and jests I hear each day
If you meet Judas someday
Tell him I can’t bear the shame

Chuks Obi is a law student at the University of Ibadan. He writes poems and articles which have been published in different magazines and online publishing sites. He strongly believes in the power of the pen as a tool to make the world a better place.
THE NIGHT TREASURE by Fisayo Obilaja

THE NIGHT TREASURE by Fisayo Obilaja


It was all dark and silent,

In a city filled with violence,

Crime was at the heart of every home,

There I was, at the city’s south gate,

Panting and silently ranting with annoyance

‘Cause there was none to rade!

‘Flickle-shikle’ I heard, sound of the city gates opening,

Pronto! my eyes and ears sprang up to alertness,

“Rich we’re tonight” I said to cosmos, my co-rader.

Slowly but surely, the late night visitor passed our little unnoticed cover.

Fat and chubby the visitor was,

Just like he eats yummy snack all his life

Exhilarated cosmos and I were,

Chucking and nodding our heads in anticipation of how thrilling his possessions would be.

Just in a moment,

There he was at the center of the city,

Looking somewhat confused! “This is the perfect moment” I concluded,

Boldly but fragile I walked, in an attempt catch my treasure for that night alone.

Staggering and dizzy like a real drunk the visitor became all too soon,

Confusion engulfed my heart!

With the despiracy still in me, I moved a little further and then, it happened,

Right into my criminal hands he slumped.


Quickly but steadily I dragged him into a narrow, silent and dark corner just before a tavern,

Hurryingly I lit my little candle and searched his body carefully for possessions while cosmos was on the watch.

In a second, I unwrapped his jacket off his chubby body, and then another jacket, and the next, and after that another and yet the fifth one!

In a great moment of surprise and confusion,

The visitor who seemed chubby was now a young beautiful lady that looked pale and exhausted!

That night, guilt and confusion ran through my veins.

Soon after, we were in my large but scanty room

“Puff-puff” she coughed taking a glass of the water.

And then, the simple beauty and smile of her face, tickled my little criminal heart!

I gazed at the empty space for a while saying

“Could it be Ade-Ronke the Oracle said I would meet some day?,

Or Ade-Dayo whom the Oracle said we’d be together? “

Only to ask of her name in a low tone, and behold

Aderonke-Adedayo her name indeed was.

“The gods be praised” I said at once!

Without haste, I soon stopped waiting at the city’s Gate, so did cosmos.

We soon fell ** ****, and the rest is history!

It was all dark and silent,

Aderonke-Adedayo, the treasure I caught that night!



About The Author

Obilaja Fisayo is a 200L computer engineering student at the Lagos state University. He has flair for poems, short stories and gives speeches and also indebted to in science. 





This day
At this flourishing bay
You remember?
Around that September

This spot
On this soil I sought
You’ve remembered?
Around that September

Ah-ah Eva!
At the bank of this river
Said you loved my cool
Said I loved yours too

Dinner with the King

Dinner with the King

That fetcher boy
Whom you exchanged with, joy
Yes! On this earthen place
Though you later promised the space

Saying to me, “Hail”
The third time would be the scale
One abracadabra was what escaped your mouth
And this is going to be the seventh of my shout

Ha! My dear Eva!
Thou beautiful lady of water
To what shall I likened you
To a bronze or golden pool

Don’t let Mama’s dream comes true
To marry Morountodun, that weary dude
Oops! Adetoun, the princess
Nothing to compare to your wrist self

To what shall I likened you
To a bronze or golden pool

We were together…
You should remember
Around that September

Said you loved my cool
Said I loved yours too….


About the Author

I  was born on 19th Feb. 1996. I hail from Ikire the land of Dodo, Osun state. I attended Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Ikire. Having graduated, I was admitted to  Saint Augustine’s Commercial Grammar School where I was elected as the Social prefect boy of my set. I was then one of the competitors group, a group said to be the community of the intellectuals. Having succeeded in the secondary school, I opted to study Medicine in the great citadel of knowledge; The Lagos State University, Ojo which was successful but to a different course, Physics.




Girl I loved you once
And that was before you showed me
A part of you which I never knew
Bitter lessons I then drew

Girl I loved you once
And that was before
You showed me your waist
And granted the green lights
That I could proceed had I preferred

Girl I loved you once
And that was before
We went to hebalium gardens
Where you exposed your tits
And thighs plus calculated sighs
For the touch I had maneuvered
Was flailing and hot


Girl I loved you once
And that was before
You made me see your navel
So that I would marvel
And get into the mood
Of evading the virgin waters
The wet of places never dry

Girl I loved you once
And that was before
Our spirituality was dwindling
Dreaming nasty dreams
Got attacked by demonic spirits
In the process
These evils gave them access

Girl I loved you once
And was determined to die for us
But your angelic voice
Turned out  inviting but immoral
As we made those late night calls

Girl I loved you once
And that was before I realised
We were but living in sin
Then  I no longer gave you affection
At a time you still expressed passion
Thus you threatened to quit
Due to lack of attention

Girl I loved you once
And that was before
We felt the guilty conscience
Then i figured out why
Heaven never smiled at us

And Oh girl! It all emanated
From the poisoned kiss
The strip tease
The lusts of the flesh
we wanted to please

But girl, though I loved you once
This is our last chance
Before we entirely forget about us
and embark a journey on separate ways
Let’s also forget about sin
and many a worldly invention
As each one works out their own salvation

And to you girl who I loved once
This poem to you should be my last
So let it teach you something
Albeit we have a common past
But sharing God’s  word is a must
For eternal salvation is kept for those
Who in Christian walk  remain steadfast

By me, The Whum Hero and Of course The God Centered Poet

About the Author

Wisdom Henry Magomero Uledi Studied Law at Staff Development Institute in Blantyre, Malawi. He is now The Publicity Secretary For The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Youth Urban Ministry (CCAPYUM) resident in Malawi’s Capital, Lilongwe. The Spoken Word Poet is sobriqueted as “The God Centered Poet” For His recitals do the linking of souls by bringing them to Christ,in heavens wing..

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