Dead, they died
And then, we cried
Morrow we wake
But we see their fake

Mouth have I sealed
lord have I seen
Morrow I wake
But I see their fake

The one I know smiles
No talking, nor grinning, there in the tomb his body lies
But then to be save
We made for the grave

Grave - the home of the dead

Grave – the home of the dead

Hear it to your inside
Live it O ye mastermind
A soul is it that  you give
To the grave we put and we leave


I  was born on 19th Feb. 1996. I hail from Ikire the land of Dodo, Osun state. I attended Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Ikire. Having graduated, I was admitted to  Saint Augustine’s Commercial Grammar School where I was elected as the Social prefect boy of my set. I was then one of the competitors group, a group said to be the community of the intellectuals. Having succeeded in the secondary school, I opted to study Medicine in the great citadel of knowledge; The Lagos State University, Ojo which was successful but to a different course, Physics.


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