KOOWE’S CRY by Seyi Omotoso

KOOWE’S CRY by Seyi Omotoso


by Seyi Omotoso

Hear the sonorous voice as it re-echoes in the distance
The deadly release that murders our hearts
Hear it again and again – Koowe – the horrified bird that sings and you die
Hear the ancient spirit that talks in tears
Before you’d say I did not tell you
Turn the left if your right ear has been eating from them
Long you suffer, here comes freedom
For I fear your itchy hands that prostrates to anything that buys bread
And your cracked throat that thirsts for their wine – in the eve of the election – rushing their indomie of lies again – drinking back your curses all years – killing yourself!
Koowe is here again – O – with a cry
She’s crying and crying and she would not stop
Shouting and shouting and she would not cease
Singing and singing and she would not stutter


Hear on a mission, you obey or you die
For I fear your heart that lives in Israel but marries the Philistines
Your mouth that jugs while ours stood, filled with all that’s bitter,
with holes by its sides, like the hollow of a calabash
You’re wicked!
If you read these lines and plead for their money
Wicked, if you turn deaf ears
Wicked, if you rush our souls with their indomies
Koowe is crying and she would not stop



Seyi Omotoso is a seasoned poet and writer. 
Though he currently studies Physics in the Lagos State University, yet, his love for poetry knows no bound. 
Over the years, his works have appeared in some notable online platforms like 
Kreative Diadem, OYA Magazine, Acceleratetv among others. He’s currently working on his first novel.
BETRAYAL by Ken Odenigbo

BETRAYAL by Ken Odenigbo


by Ken Odenigbo
The host, says the field is clear,
We wonder in fear, we are unwell,
Because the night draws near.
It’s time for war, little time for us to dwell.
Betrayer! traitor!
Our comrade, our danger,
A rouge vindicator.
Once a captain, now a stranger.
The host, our fellow,
With no knowledge of that, bagged with trust.
Our comrade, we follow,
A death battle we did not know will burst.
We were a fused prey to the host;
A conjoined toast.


My name is Ken Odenigbo, I’m currently studying Economics at Paul University.
I am 20 years old, I am obviously a poet with a bigger dream of becoming a better poet. I reside in Lagos, Nigeria.
THE UNICORN CALL by Adedayo Ademokoya

THE UNICORN CALL by Adedayo Ademokoya


by Adedayo Ademokoya
Seeing this uncommon dexterity
so pure and awesome in a mortal
dwarfing my understanding
and making my dumb mind vibrate
Even the inner me cannot deny
this silhouette of loveliness
My head and heart pounding thoughts
in the mortar of desire and the pestle
of my imaginations becoming wild
Like a young cow
my heart skipped
my body pleasured
by sleepless nights
and my bravery pressured
 by gruesome fear.
Oh, figure of light
do you know that someone
is dying to give you a kiss?
do you know that my hands dreaded
the fact of touching and not your skin?
do you know that my voice-box shatters
with the fear of calling and another answering?
do you know that my knees
are weak with doubt and desire?
Even my black sweaty cheeks
glows at your masterpiece
only for fear to distract our union
if I make the unicorn call
will I get an answer?


Adedayo Ademokoya is a freelance writer and a poet who believes in infusing passion into words and loves to make the world a better place. He is a lover of football that supports Manchester United. He his also called FantasticDee. His works have appeared on BraveartsAfrica, Thought Catalog, African Writer and PenAStory.
ROSE by Ndifreke George

ROSE by Ndifreke George


by Ndifreke George

You please my eyes
and melt my heart
Succulent like yellow petals

that’s the feeling from your touch

You’re the chord
that plays all the notes
of the music that rises

from the depth of my soul

The perfume of your being flaws the precious frankincense,
Your eyes penetrate deep
down into the privates of my heart.
I would give you my forever
if you were a person
And I would hide you in my vault
if you were a thing.
What are you, Rose?


Ndifreke George is a Nigerian writer whose works have featured on; Tuck Magazine, The Poets’ Community, Social Justice Poetry, The Kalahari Review, Poems and Poetry, Praxis Magazine, The Antartica Journal, The Parousia Magazine, Medium, Blankpaperz, Aphelion Webzine, Literary Yard, More than Starbucks International Poetry, African Writer, All Poetry, Writers Space Africa (WSA), Poem Hunter, Bravearts Africa and Avaitam Speaks Literary (ASL). He also writes songs, TV Commercial skits, comedy skits, in addition to his involvement in other writing projects.
He has worked as an editor of a newsletter and bulletin; a creative director with Stareesky Entertainment, a drama director, and has groomed secondary school students into writing and publishing a storybook with the title, “The Story Tellers.” Presently based In Lagos, one of his novels will be published this year. Not only did six of his works make the Bravearts Africa Ten Most Trending Post for 2017, his poem also emerged the first.
He is a Geophysics graduate from Cross River University of Technology, in the ancient city of Calabar.
LOVED BUT FOUND by Akinsanya Damilola

LOVED BUT FOUND by Akinsanya Damilola


by Akinsanya Damilola

For days lost, he sat by the old tent
With thoughts of a pretty dear, he could never get
We pitied, helped and endeared
That he leaves his drudges and face the sour truth
That a mistress would not bow to a poor lover’s wish
Told him tales of Antonio and the end hitherto
But he wouldn’t bulge to our stories that tore his little veins
We ravened his mother of her son’s latest duff
That makes him lie awake with her portrait in his wide cloak
Clenched tight to the chest in sleep or wake
With passion that could boil an orb into a sizzling egg
All night, we pray that the princess comes
To save the life of a tipsy soul;
Before affection takes its turn of the highest toll.
For her beauty could make princes beg
And cause a king to abdicate his golden throne
In twilight, she wore her velvet robe made of silk
And walked through her gates with elegance so swift
With such tender steps that makes the earth lull
Our baby boy has gone really numb!
We no longer see in him our sane son
When he tore the market square with his new song
Of affection’s tight grip and the lily found
That raped his senses like a timid newborn
Who has swam the blue bay of beauty at night?
Or seen the shore of love?
Or sailed the isle of dote?
Has anyone seen the shore of her?
Who rules a man’s heart with smiles so shy?
Only the brave can trudge out the plain
Where affections lie fresh on the field like dew at dawn
Near the lake of flowing estuaries of love and like
The wave of love, my heart to wet
Where thence do I tend to dwell?
Amongst my kinsmen, or to my Lover that I may never get


Akinsanya Damilola (Akindavies), a final year student of the Faculty of Law at the premier University of Ibadan. He discovered his writing aptitude after an encounter with Richard Wright’s Black Boy a couple of years ago and has ever since written a considerable number of poems and short stories. He is the recipient of the Lagos State (Alimosho Local Government) Essay Contest 2009 and was among the ten finalists of the Unesco Goi Peace Essay, 2015, among others. Away from writing, he has a fondness for trees and wildlife conservation.

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