by Ndifreke George

You please my eyes
and melt my heart
Succulent like yellow petals

that’s the feeling from your touch

You’re the chord
that plays all the notes
of the music that rises

from the depth of my soul

The perfume of your being flaws the precious frankincense,
Your eyes penetrate deep
down into the privates of my heart.
I would give you my forever
if you were a person
And I would hide you in my vault
if you were a thing.
What are you, Rose?


Ndifreke George is a Nigerian writer whose works have featured on; Tuck Magazine, The Poets’ Community, Social Justice Poetry, The Kalahari Review, Poems and Poetry, Praxis Magazine, The Antartica Journal, The Parousia Magazine, Medium, Blankpaperz, Aphelion Webzine, Literary Yard, More than Starbucks International Poetry, African Writer, All Poetry, Writers Space Africa (WSA), Poem Hunter, Bravearts Africa and Avaitam Speaks Literary (ASL). He also writes songs, TV Commercial skits, comedy skits, in addition to his involvement in other writing projects.
He has worked as an editor of a newsletter and bulletin; a creative director with Stareesky Entertainment, a drama director, and has groomed secondary school students into writing and publishing a storybook with the title, “The Story Tellers.” Presently based In Lagos, one of his novels will be published this year. Not only did six of his works make the Bravearts Africa Ten Most Trending Post for 2017, his poem also emerged the first.
He is a Geophysics graduate from Cross River University of Technology, in the ancient city of Calabar.



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