MUSINGS OF A SINGLE LADY by ‘Bukola Ibirogba

MUSINGS OF A SINGLE LADY by ‘Bukola Ibirogba


In a corner, all alone
In pairs, people pass me by.
Hand in hand, smile to smile.
I am invisible, faded into the background.

I sit and ponder.
Is it my fault? I wonder.
Maybe I’ve been too hasty to dismiss,
Eager young men asking for a kiss,
Time weighs heavily on my mind,
Age seems to no longer be on my side.

Maybe, it’s time I threw in the towel,
Maybe, it’s time to give up, or grovel,
I sit here, all alone.
Left with my hopes and dreams, all alone,
Single, not broken, yet full of hope

musing of a lady

And so I sit once again,
Full of hope, also full of pain,
Pain so raw that it grips my very soul,
Hope so great that my heart’s bells toll,
It’s easy for them, it’s hardest for me.

The geese, the goats, even the insects,
Have followed nature’s course with great effect,
In twos, they move, each with a mate,
I smile, pretend, saying there’s a lot on my plate.
Only I know the tears I cry behind closed doors.

My laughter has become mirthless
My careful looks have become careless.
I ask myself if anyone pays attention,
To the fact that my face is now tight with tension
Day after day, I feel my hope fade away.

Single was I born into this world,
But will I leave single?
The fire of hope burns less brightly now.
I have accepted that not everyone is destined,
To spend their lives with another.

I sit again,
Without hope, I am numb.
Pain increases so greatly, my heart is dumb,
Never again will I sing the song of hope.
I wait single, broken now, waiting to be healed.


‘Bukola Ibirogba is a student of the Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan. She draws inspiration for her poetry from her love for God and everyday issues.




You are not growing younger
Were the words of my mother
Breasts as firm as a pumpkin
Skin glistering with youthful hue
When shall you bring the man home
That will balance your equation
Plant fertile seeds in your soil
To germinate as boys and girls

So I went to the husband market
My perfume’s scent stronger than camphor
Clad in a dress of advertisment
High heeled shoes sounding ko ko ka
With feminine curves visible to the blind
And a mastery of the art of catwalking
I shook my credentials from left to right
To the stares and smiles of spectators

In the search for a God-fearing man
I joined the ushers in service
Welcoming men with charming smiles
Saying ‘you are blessed’ in the sweetest voice
Bending and rising to the songs of praise
Lifting gold bracelets in adoration
It seemed like I had no luck
But my pastor said, ‘the siege is over’


On a Sunday morning, my prayer got answered
Through the handsome chorister
Whose voice was like a nightingale’s
He sang a hymn that touched my soul
And I felt this divine turnaround
As his hands performed magic on the guitar
He later confirmed the thoughts in my heart
I felt this peace inside of me

From the day I got his diamond ring
I began to swim in the pool of love
With his salary, he pampered my stomach
And made me his royal queen
Judas promised to marry me
He was the man I had waited for
Although he claimed his parents were dead
He was too born again to lie

It was wedding preparation time
Tarrying in prayer in his room
When he grabbed me in his loving arms
Reaching areas beyond the normal range
I broke away and made to leave
But he threatened to desert my life
Just few months to my wedding day?
No obstacles at the edge of breakthrough!

Can you tell the story from there?
My gateway has been broken through!
The ring still shines on my finger
Judas is nowhere to be found
Judas Junior now rocks my womb
Insults and jests I hear each day
If you meet Judas someday
Tell him I can’t bear the shame

Chuks Obi is a law student at the University of Ibadan. He writes poems and articles which have been published in different magazines and online publishing sites. He strongly believes in the power of the pen as a tool to make the world a better place.

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