Ananse, remember,

The pitchers on the table,

The stenciled flower vases at the terrace,

And the embroidered kaftans!

I knew you when you were black.



The death of your father,

Beneath the cracks of the slavers whip,

Wither their whims and that of your king!

Your colour is black, Ananse,

I knew you when your name was not Nigga!




Remember home, Ananse.

The farms are waiting,

And your maidens too,

You are the King of your country,

Not a waiter at McDonalds.


Habeeb Kolade Professor X


About the Author of Ananse

Habeeb Kolade also known as Professor X is a creative writer and entrepreneur. He currently works at Ventra Media Group, a british marketing agency. He is the Creative director of Market Ibadan Business Festival, CEO of StrictlyUI and Hermosa Marketing. He works with startups to build their market presence. His facebook ID is Habeeb Professorr X Kolade and you can follow him on twitter at @Habeeb_X.




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