THE BEST I EVER HAVE by Tijani Oluwamayowa

THE BEST I EVER HAVE by Tijani Oluwamayowa


I should call you the best I ever had

But that wouldn’t just be false, it will also be hard

It wouldn’t just be mean it will also not be me

You never become my past – no, you won’t pass by me

My days are few but the best were with you

My nights are short and filled with dreams of you

I abhor the nights ‘cos they fuel undying memories of you

I detest my dreams ‘cos I get to see the you I never would have

I try to see your heart and soul

Via the lenses of the space in my heart – the hole

But my gaze may leave me blind – the mole

‘Cos your soul shines like a star – at night and day

Your memories would always be fresh – my star

You, my book and bake would never become a scar

Valentine special image

Rest, assured that though our hands may part

My heart, thoughts and affection would never depart

Our paths may part — but our love transcends paths

The world may spell us apart but like a horse and its cart

We are the art of hearts – never to be understood.

I’d remember the fights with fierce tears

I’d gaze into the future with fresh fears

The memories of your smiles would drown my tears

The soothing whispers of your voice would choke my fears

Till the last of my breath – you I’d cherish

I’d protect you always – even when I perish

Your affection strong, fierce, inexplicable – like the wind

Your love like a pin in hay stack would be hard to find

I love you!

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Special Valentine Series – February 14, 2016
Tijani Oluwamayowa is a poet, witty speaker, and award-winning Journalist. He was awarded most outstanding Pressman at University of Ibadan for 2013 and 2014.
As a public speaker, Tijani became arguably the finest speaker on any Nigerian campus, following his win at the Nigerian Championship of Public Speaking (Abuja 2013). Follow @Oluwamayowa_TJ
THE BEST I EVER HAVE by Tijani Oluwamayowa

THAT TIME OF THE YEAR by Emmanuel Ibekwe


Here it comes again
The day of Cupid`s ardent disciples
Ears swayed by sweet words
Eyes swayed by curvaceousness

Here it comes again
The few days before that day
Flimsy excuses, Unseen calls
And we get a break up text

Here it comes again
On the D day
Phones miraculously develop faults
Faults that`ll self-repair the day after

Here it comes again
The day of Lover`s reckoning
When we know who is First
And who is playing second fiddle


Here it comes again
When sweet mouths take sway
And virgin thighs give way
Then virgin hearts get broken

Here it comes again
The flirty touches and safe pecks
His hands hand over the ATM card
She flicks and drains it dry

Here it comes again
When the truly single
Will bemoan their single state
And long for one to call theirs

Here it comes again
When the friend-zoned
Will make another bold attempt
A trial at saving face

Here it comes again
When the Best Game players
Choose the best team
From the numerous teams available

And so it comes again
When you look at me and ask for Mine
And I boldly retort, just for peace`s sake
I`m single, I have no One

Special Valentine series – February 14, 2016


What happens when Philosophy meets with very vivid imagination?
Emmanuel Ibekwe is ‘who’ happens. I am a graduate of the University of
Ibadan, but, still a student of the School of Imagination situated
inside my world, I love penning down abstract thoughts poetically or
if need be, in an article. I guess that’s what happens when Philosophy
meets with Creativity and the willingness to express it.




James and Janet cuddled,
Ended breakfast with a kiss,
Sang a song of malice for a week,
Is this love? Definitely Not,


Men lost in the pool of lust,
Groping for light in the cloud of vanity,
Deafened by the mantras of infatuation,
All in search of LOVE,


Lost Love

Lost Love

With fingers entwined,
John and Jennifer had a delicious dinner,
Parted ways with red eyes fixed in swollen faces,
Is this love? Definitely Not,


Ladies tossed by the wind of fame,
Veils of virginity blown away,
Left naked on the bed of immorality,
All in search of LOVE,


With a peck to the cheek,
Taylor bids his daughter goodbye,
Forcefully slept with her at dusk,
Is this love? Definitely Not,


Prostitutes litter the streets,
Living on a string of trysts,
Trampling on the sacred consummation,
All in search of Love,


Couples with bright smiles on the aisle,
Bounded by a glittering ring of GOLD,
Screams for a divorce in a fortnight,
Is this LOVE? Definitely Not,


Echoes of love ebbs away,
Chants of deceit fill the air,
Tongues of affection dried by thirst,
All in search of LOVE,


Followers throng after their leader,
Painfully submit their taxes at the Public square,
Masters go on a spending spree,
Is this Love? Definitely not,


Divinity opened the scrolls of LOVE,
Light of Love flooded the earth,
Sons of darkness fled to the hills,
LOVE was revealed to humanity,


Beaten and battered on the streets of Galilee,
A savior with a rugged cross on a walk to Golgotha,
Pleaded mercy for his killers as he died for the world,
This is LOVE!


P.S: Jesus Christ is the best expression of LOVE the world has ever seen. The poem talked about other ways of expressing love and its perpetual failure; philos, eros but agape survived.
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends – JESUS CHRIST

© 2015 by Osho Samuel Adetunji 


About the Author of Lost Love

Osho Samuel Adetunji is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Nigeria’s premier University, University of Ibadan. He is a poet, a blogger, a Public Speaker, an on air personality with a knack for short stories, inspirational articles and poems. He is a great thinker, creative and dexterous young man who does not only believe in excellence but also extols the tenets of discipline, hard work and effectiveness. He is an award-winning individual who is multifaceted and consistently measures success by effective impact.

He is a writer per excellence with articles published on VAVANE AFRICA, THE SCOOPNG, KONNECT AFRICA, Paarapo and Home zone media. He co-founded THE COURTROOM in 2012 with Tijani Mayowa. He is the founder of KREATIVE DIADEM, a new initiative which kicked off on March 1, 2015.
He is an inspirational young man who is addicted to going an extra mile in all facets of life. He is also a lover of football, tennis and boxing. You can follow him on Twitter with the handle: @inisamosho.


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