In the ancient times of the gods,

There existed a city,

The little city of PASIFA,

It was neither on earth, neither was it in heaven nor on the ocean bed,

It was in a place that hid vast mysteries.

In a place where the stars were everly radiating their pleasing beauty,

Where the moon was always at its brightest,

And breathe taking when it was at it’s crescent.

Shiny but cool the sun rose mysteriously  every morning,

Beautiful and colourful the flowers were when the sun shone upon them,

Their rivers were pure and colorless you could see different fishes at the bottom,

Somewhat more pleasing than imagined.

The children played around the hay during the summer,

And hid in their little play house while it was snowing during winter,

Their harvest blossomed year upon year!

It indeed a little good city to be!

The gods were with them I would have nearly said,


The night the stars turned red,

The crescent moon was swallowed by the dark night clouds,

All the beautiful flowers began to wilt,

The cool sun became just too hot,

The rivers evaporated just as fast as the fishes swam for their dear short lives !

Loving mothers consoled their ‘now sad children’,

Even the white snow became just too hot.

“Are the gods still with us? ” Prometheus the bravest man shouted,  straining his vocal cords.

In anger and a descent sense of courage,

He sets off to the treacherous and unmerciful mountain,


Known as the living place of the gods.

There Prometheus was in the midst of gods;

Zeus, god of heaven earth and justice,

Poseidon, god of sea and earthquake,

Ares, god of war, hatred and violence

Demeter, the goddess of hearth and all growing things


Aphrodite, godess of love and beauty.

Poseidon and Ares were fighting more aggressive than a ferocious beast would, over the love of Apphrodite,

Which indeed left Pasifa in pandemonium and disaster,

Demeter in her pure and humble spirit pleaded that Zeus took control ’cause the peace if the gods was the peace of all cities.

In a moment of heroic action Zeus rose in eminent anger and declared peace at once.

And suddenly, there was silence,

And it was all over.

Zeus took control and Prometheus returned back to Pasifa to give the great news,

But time passed all too soon and everything was in shambles.

Soon later Pasifa grew,

But it never returned to its old glory.

In the ancient the time of the gods,

There existed a city,

The beautiful little city of Pasifa,

That befell calamity by the gods Love or Lust?

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About The Author


Obilaja Fisayo is a 200L computer engineering student at the Lagos state University. He has flair for poems, short stories and gives speeches and also indebted to in science.



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