This day
At this flourishing bay
You remember?
Around that September

This spot
On this soil I sought
You’ve remembered?
Around that September

Ah-ah Eva!
At the bank of this river
Said you loved my cool
Said I loved yours too

Dinner with the King

Dinner with the King

That fetcher boy
Whom you exchanged with, joy
Yes! On this earthen place
Though you later promised the space

Saying to me, “Hail”
The third time would be the scale
One abracadabra was what escaped your mouth
And this is going to be the seventh of my shout

Ha! My dear Eva!
Thou beautiful lady of water
To what shall I likened you
To a bronze or golden pool

Don’t let Mama’s dream comes true
To marry Morountodun, that weary dude
Oops! Adetoun, the princess
Nothing to compare to your wrist self

To what shall I likened you
To a bronze or golden pool

We were together…
You should remember
Around that September

Said you loved my cool
Said I loved yours too….


About the Author

I  was born on 19th Feb. 1996. I hail from Ikire the land of Dodo, Osun state. I attended Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Ikire. Having graduated, I was admitted to  Saint Augustine’s Commercial Grammar School where I was elected as the Social prefect boy of my set. I was then one of the competitors group, a group said to be the community of the intellectuals. Having succeeded in the secondary school, I opted to study Medicine in the great citadel of knowledge; The Lagos State University, Ojo which was successful but to a different course, Physics.



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