Every morning he would cry
His only urge now is to die
Even with a thousand wings he couldn’t fly
He wishes happiness is a thing he can buy

He watches as his whole life crashes
His achievements in the past burnt to ashes
His hope for a better future dashes
Against the rock his redemption smashes

He walks around but he’s dead inside
His life has become a pain on his side
He’s caught and lost in life’s strong tide
He wishes he could find a cave forever to hide

Time after time he speaks in his mind
Time continues to wind
If only he can rewind
And change events from behind


Durodola Folarin Quadri. Born on the first of January 1991. I attended the university of Ibadan as a student of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering. Editor-in-Chief of the departmental press organisation. I like books and one of the best I ever read was Living, Loving and Learning by Professor Felice Leonardo Buscaglia. I enjoy sports and computer games. Poetry gives me succour when I write about how I feel. Most times I write based on real situations because they inspire me more than imagination. I’m quiet and sometimes I’m being labelled as shy, while some simply say I’m an introvert.



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