Look at that desert
Situated in such a place
In the middle of the pacific
Where waves toss and twirl,
And tempest tempts the ocean
To water the sands a bit
They slam against a dam
Made high with dry sand.
Crude ingenious imaginations
From the soul of the desert
Unlike a wall of cards
These are highly fortified.
And though some get wet
By virtue of guarding the wall
They take them out
Bring them in
Dry them out
Then replace them in.

How disastrous it would be
If for a second, the wall relaxes
Fears untold, woes would unfold
This, is a lifelong battle
That extends even till death.
This is a lifelong battle
Battle of wits against brawn
This is a lifelong battle
Against the norm
Fighting negativity
Coming from all sides.
Look at that desert
Situated in such a place
Positivity in the midst
Surrounded by negativity
This medulla’s walls are high
Negativity cannot creep in.
This is how twill continually be
That lone dry desert
Right in the midst,

Midst of the Great Pacific.

What happens when Philosophy meets with very vivid imagination?
Emmanuel Ibekwe is ‘who’ happens. I am a graduate of the University of
Ibadan, but, still a student of the School of Imagination situated
inside my world, I love penning down abstract thoughts poetically or
if need be, in an article. I guess that’s what happens when Philosophy
meets with Creativity and the willingness to express it.



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