Thousands of years ago

Before we touched the world

Our fathers felt a need

That spanned beyond learning

And extended the realms of curiosity

It was a search for tenable answers

To questions that still disturb us

The theories we expounded

To attempt insoluble puzzles

Left trails of confusion

As to the river of existence

The permanent lacunae

The horizonless horizon

Led us to a dilemmic juncture

To the left there was no river

On the right a sinuous stream

Some steps shunned the stream

Others plunged into its intricacies

In the bid to unveil its mysteries

There arose the Great Divider

Like a flashlight of diverse rays

She seemed to clear all doubts



We then called her “religion”

The endless ladder to God

One could say she was harmless

She had always been

Till the day of her exaltation

When we sacrificed our brethren

On the altars of our differences

Forgetting the essence of humanity

Is in living and dying for each other

And to all worshippers is one river

Enjoyed through diverse lenses



Chuks Obi is a law student at the University of Ibadan. He has written poems and articles which have been published in magazines and anthologies, both online and in print. His poems fulfill a duty to humanity; soothing wounds with the wonders of words.



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