We hail our own dear country
Our fatherland that has always shed tears
Nigeria, our rulers prevail
Amidst the trembles and cracks of our feet
The land stays green

Nigeria we hail thee
Still we hail our greed
The penury amongst our kinsmen is fed
While we die fat
The WE that reap from the spoils of the nation


Hail the heroes of Nigeria!

Hail the heroes of Nigeria!


Our own dear native land
Left to the toil of injustice
Poured on hard rock of dis-unity
And fed the meal of corruption
Surviving on the remains of mother nature

Though tribe and tongue may differ
We cue every dawn of the day
We remind ourselves of the tribe on the throne
Driven by our ideas, our believes
And let our grief prevail over being Nigerians

In brotherhood we stand
Yet we stand beside ourselves with surmise
Are we truly one nation
Or we are just a scam of fulfillment
A patch from our colonial masters

Nigeria all are proud to serve
Serving for the pristine nature of a NIGERIAN
We serve our fatherland as youths
WE serve our pockets as Rulers
Will our dear nation be proud of our service

Our sovereign motherland
Our realm responds to our pulse
Our pulse of freedom
Are we united by force
Like woods of furniture sum
Sum by the pressure on nails

Arise O’ Compatriots!


Abiodun A. Aremu is a graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, where he studied Accounting. He is in constant search of knowledge and loves the pen.



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