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How the doctor at ward C explains isolation to his covid-19 patients 

by Chukwu Emmanuel

Day 1

When your tender body

begins to quiver

in this small moments of grief.


Day 3

Know the weight of anxiety in your chest level,

some concepts cannot be theorized 

When holding synthesized sadness to a spot.

Day 7

The wound measures how much color

it has taken from us. 

Accept it by becoming familiar with what lives inside you.


Day 10

Truth is you cannot cut twice

It is either you cannot pray

Or you love the formless shape of fear.


Day 14

To live is to accept what we cannot love

All the cases exploding around

you are simply fireballs.

Source: From the Isolation Issue (September 2020)

How the doctor at ward C explains isolation to his covid-19 patients

by Chukwu Emmanuel | POEMS


CHUKWU EMMANUEL is a Nigerian. He is a medical student with the spirit of writing in his blood. His works have been shortlisted for Kalahari Review Igby Prize for Nonfiction in 2019 and in 2018 for both Prose and poetry categories for Benue Literary Festival. His works has been published by or are forthcoming in Praxis’s magazine, Africanwriter magazine, Libretto magazine and numerous blogs. He’s currently working on a collection of a collection of stories documenting medical life. 



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