I remember those days
When hunger knew my name
My stomach was in flames
It sang a noisy song
With every scent of food
Discordant melody replayed
One cannot blame the cook
Preparing meals he would not eat
Of what gain is the aroma
That is spread in generosity
When the essential delicacy
Is denied to watering tongues?

I remember those nights
When I studied without light
The philosophy of famishment
And ideology of inner torment
The blindness of the government
To the anatomy of starving children
No professor would impart
Knowledge that no words can tell
Of what gain is propaganda
Sugarcoated manifestos
To the long acquired culture
Of feeding the poor to vultures?

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Photo Credit:

I remember those midnights
When it was best to sleep tight
But for wailing in the tenement
For the souls that waved each moment
Those bones still build a monument
In the study of hungerology
In furtherance of Biology
A crucial path of our food web
Relished by decomposers
What else should I remember
Before these hands get weary
The smell of rotten bodies?


Chuks Obi is a law student at the University of Ibadan. He writes poems and articles which have been published in different magazines and online publishing sites. He strongly believes in the power of the pen as a tool to make the world a better place.



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