I nearly wrote you a poem

About how my eyes did the seeing

And how my heart did the falling

My brain is busy wishing

Leaving my eyes to do the crying.

I nearly wrote you a poem

Never knew my heart could beat this fast

While my brain juggled with the die you cast

And thought of possibilities so vast

While my stomach moans the compulsory fast

I tried to write you a poem

In which I really cursed cupid

For being so stupid

And making me so livid

For the hurt in my heart which he did.

I tried to write you a poem

In which I extolled your virtues and sang your praise

And hoped that in a matter of days

You would agree to change your wicked ways

And reset my poor heart to its normal pace

To think that I nearly wrote you a poem

With disorganized lines and no structure

To explain that my heart needs a suture

Maybe you need to see the puncture

I suffered when I saw your live picture

To think that I nearly wrote you a poem

In which I am the one in love

And you are the one tantalizing me with love

Never thought I could fall in love

With one who would torment me with love

But, I have written you a poem

In which I climbed up the mountain of logic

Leaving this cursed valley of emotion and magic

Self-deceiving myself that all I need is logic

To save me from a fall so tragic.

And in the poem I wrote

I decided to let you go

Severing brutally the lines of communication

Replacing my heart with nothingness

Hoping logic would save me from a love that makes me weep.


Some would prefer to argue out their points, others try instituting their positions. I, Ibekwe Immaculate Emma would just prefer to pen it down in words. I love dancing, cooking, writing and reading. A Graduate of The University of Ibadan, I sincerely believe the sky is limitless and my potentials, endless. So should Yours be too.



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