Kalrils -The god of the blacks

The air around your shrine
Has developed talons,

Piercing through our nostrils
Risen from the smoldering skulls and gong
Your shrine feeds on silence
The incantations are on exile
These spirits sovereign,

Yet deaf their ears linger to distress calls


Re-incarnation born this melancholy
Like fire the rage in their eyes
The disdain on him,

The rubble whimper
Dawn rivers of frost thoughts for god of the blacks
Desecration and disdain of your SKULLS and OFO
The fallen faces out of men
The lies the sands refute
Prompt this voyage to an eclipse




Unripe fruits,

the taste protruding through my words
Massacre of spirits
From the shrine where deities sought strength
Have you not heard of mother goddess?
Her words are painted in defeat
We await your return Kalrils
These candles I lit fear
I see the despair in their eyes
The whirl whose teeth snarl
Near the burning candles
On the fence,the feet of these candles cling
Forgive… let this shrine be rebuilt
So rubble can breath and save our cold hearts


P.S.: Kalrils…a deified person (representing a state-Nigeria)
Ofo…sacred staff of a traditionalist(Igbo land)


About the Author

Awa Chigozie is a Nigerian. A student and resident of Abia State in Nigeria. He is a prolific writer whose keen interest is in poetry and fictional works. He has poems which have been published in anthologies and other media. He describes his works as a mirror to man’s act. Presently working towards releasing his first poetry collection.



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