Hey, sweetheart you lied to me
You lied to me

You said it would be better some fine day
And night would be less dark one fine day

But you lied to me sweetheart
It’s hell repeating
every single day
Life doesn’t get better in any coming way

You lied to me, sweetheart

Hey, Life
You are my sweetheart
where have you got lost, sweetheart?

You knocked at the doors of my dreams, sweetheart
And You hid yourself, sweetheart

Stop childish games sweetheart
Stop kidding me, sweetheart

Embrace my breaths
Release me from pains

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Photo credit:

Hey, Life
You are my sweetheart

Kiss me when I sleep
Lift me to some peace

Give me hopes to hold on to you sweetheart
Hey, Life
You used to be my sweetheart

You lied to me, sweetheart,
Don’t lie to me sweetheart,

Vihasi Shah is an Indian lady with vision and mission. Constant learner and human with utmost humanity who wants to put a smile on everyone’s face and wants to see world as one and combined lovable artistic place to live.
Lawyer in process, company secretary, writer, anchor, teacher, and volunteer. You can have a cool sneak peak at some of my works by paying a visit to my blog –



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