Little bird little bird come home
My skies are empty without you
Little bird little bird come home
Your mother is waiting for you

Haven’t you heard she was dying
So often had she tried to walk
Her feet failed her, she’s now crawling
You can’t hear her, as she can’t talk

But I know you can feel her pain
For you are her blood and her breath
You are the shield against the rain
Don’t let her in the arms of death

Little bird!

Little bird!

Each day kills her a thousand times
She will not make it to the door
She begs God to disclose her crimes
And why He took away her core

The odds are no longer serving
They have turned greedy and empty
Remember she was a great queen
Now she’s a slave tied to a tree

Little bird Hope of Africa
Come home and never leave again
Don’t make today my last stanza
Don’t let me take the midnight train.


My name is Théodore René Ndebi, born in Cameroon. I graduated in Banking Management. But what really makes me proud and happy is WRITING !!!!! I started writing around 1990. I write the most I can.

I mostly write for children’s future. As a child, I had always dreamt of a world where poor children and orphans could be happy as well. I have many unpublished collections in French: Chaque Jour Un PoèmeRêve D’un Soir, La Missive Du Petit Prince, SuisJe Assez Bien Pour Toi… I’m also author of unpublished novels in French (Cierge Noir, Plus Violent Que L’amourLes Fruits De La Tempête…). My first published novel; THE LAST GHOST/Son Of Struggle got published in 2013 by AuthorhouseUK; it appears in the LOS Angeles Times Festival Of Books Catalogue 2014 Page 8. Available online @ Amazon, Kindle, AuthorhouseUK, Barnes & Noble, Indie. I wrote numerous award winning texts. I am a Book Reviewer and Translator. I am a member of OneAfricanChild since 2013 and Co-Founder of Le Salon Du Livre Yaounde-Cameroon.



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