Breathing in, breathing out
Time stands still for a bit.
Calmly, it resumes in a minute.
Something has changed; a lot in fact.
A new identity has emerged.
The human has grown.
Ideas sprouting like beads,
Knowledge, that on which he feeds.



Slowly, the change occurs.
Life happens and the boy,
A boy he no longer is.
The boy becomes a man.
Time moves rapidly.
Life happens and the girl,
A girl she no longer is,
She becomes a woman.
Breathing in, breathing out.
The last breath heralds the end.
Metamorphosis occurs;
The change is made permanent.
Transcendence completed.
The human changes no longer,
Metamorphosis ends.


‘Bukola Ibirogba is a student of the Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan. She draws inspiration for her poetry from her love for God and everyday issues.



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