As he embarks on mission impossible
As we anticipate the magic from the magician
As we cast Goodluck away
As we see the dawn of a new day
We bend our heads to pray

The South South is wary
The North ever so merry
The West can’t possibly complain
Perhaps the East feels the same

The rest of us
Yes, we the Nigerians
Not bound by ethnic chains
Casted our votes in the same vain
Make no mistake
We are the future hope
We, the Nigerians

The prayer we say
Is that all his tricks hold sway
And an applause at the end of the day

Muhammadu Buhari and  Goodluck Jonathan

Muhammadu Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan


Because only destiny could have brought him all the way
And this destiny cannot let him fail
It will not
It must not

Can the necrosis be greater than this?
The pain is 10 out of 10
The acetaminophen giving temporary comfort
We need complete excision of corruption
Then healing can proceed

As my beloved teacher would stay
Let’s drain the pus
Let’s put good stuff in
This is beyond science
This is beyond good reasoning
This is beyond good luck
This is mission impossible

What can make the impossible possible?

Sincerity, honesty and dexterity
Will, beyond our imagination
At the right time in the right place
Destiny, with God’s grace
The seemingly impossible becomes possible

As we rejoice lets not forget
The change we seek
Yes, that change so sleek
Starts with me and you!



Dedicated to Nigeria especially on her smooth transition process from one civilian government to a new one.



Abudu Kabirat is a student of Medicine and Surgery in the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. She has got a knack for poems and short stories.



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