Of a broken home, it is

that happiness has absconded

that love, once were

that love, never is again

that what fascinates the heart become strange.

Faces become strangers and the heart becomes helpless.


Of a broken home, it is

that a child wakes up with pain in the heart

that there is a chattered dream

that there is divided love shown to him

Waking up to the call of life

He is reminded of the lost bond.


Broken Home!

Broken Home!


It is a burden in the heart,

As a child he wonders,

It was sweet from the start,

there was magic in every moment

and the stories of the heart melted.

Was it of lost or not properly made decision?


There had been a song

A song that a besotted lover has come to the door

The creation of union and later despair

Happily, the wheel of a new family is taken,

Couples filled with heartfelt joy, promises and oaths


There were promises that there will be devotion

A longing desire to be together

But time past, days have been and there’s lost in passion

What a turn the story has taken

What a change in dare need

What a hole in the heart the once delighted union has brought


Of a broken home, it is

that as a child he is left to face the world alone

that as a child, he feels not, the love of having parents

that choices are hard but made alone

that as a child he asks if there is need for marriage in the first place.




Aremu Abiodun A. is a graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, where he studied Accounting. He is in constant search of knowledge and loves the pen.



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