Some say it is the way of the rational human
We want not the blame but the praise
So passing the cup becomes the new craze
Leaving our Creator in a daze
Making Him want to create a new Man.

Nothing so wrong about admitting a crime.
We all make mistakes. True
We have none perfect. Not even a few.
Why fear the crowd? Their cry and hue
Forget it. The shame is but for some time.

THE BLAME GAME - the game we all play!

THE BLAME GAME – the game we all play!

Forget the crowd. It is for God to forgive.
Forget the crowd. They would be ready to blame.
Bombarding you with reasons. Most of them lame.
Knowing not that their talk elevates you and you get more fame
The crowd will shout. Forgiveness is still for God to give.

Stop it. Quit passing the buck.
Just like passing around bad food.
Start being rational, stop being crude.
It definitely will do no one good.
Again, forget the crowd. To you, the best they can do is mock.



What happens when Philosophy meets with very vivid imagination?
Emmanuel Ibekwe is ‘who’ happens. I am a graduate of the University of
Ibadan, but, still a student of the School of Imagination situated
inside my world, I love penning down abstract thoughts poetically or
if need be, in an article. I guess that’s what happens when Philosophy
meets with Creativity and the willingness to express it.



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