Once upon a time were
Certain men who pored
Over scrolls and much fanfare
To attain the history of the Lord

These were men with intelligence
Who walked the streets head high
Others bowed to look through their lens
Into the promise of the Most High

But the Nazarene came to change history
Challenging all they knew of the Books
He came and told a different story
Of forgiveness and how Heaven looks



So they plotted, planned and maimed
One who held the world in His hands
Using His shield better than they aimed
They set the time for breaking Hell’s bands

So today we thank them for their duty
But yet urge their descendants to take heed
In their anger they put into Earth beauty
Refusing to believe, unknowingly letting God lead

Tosin Oguntuase

About the Author

Tosin Oguntuase is a graduate of Economics from Nigeria’s premier University. She loves reading, writing and amusing herself in her head. She currently teaches in Abia State.



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