by Adam Usman Garko

The night sauntered in—

A black-haired angel moulded

Amid fire       a messenger sent

eye’s prey    her muse bleeds  

A voice echoes the length of abyss—

And desperation could be any angel

In this deep year            of eating prayer

living in past & in present trauma

then dust would signify       a body meant     

to die before the sun goes       so lonely   

At night the lion so strong        the death unholy

To hold the soul of a poet’s mother —

where are any of God’s hands? 


Adamu Usman Garko is a student of Gombe high school, in Gombe state. He is a poet and story writer. His work has previously appeared at Blueprint newspaper, The Arts-muse Fair, poetry planet, Praxis magazine online. He was a finalist for the 2018 International Cultural Exchange for Wole Soyinka, (WSICE). And he was the Artist of the Month “September” 2018, of Yasmin El-Rufai Foundation.



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