by Taofeek Ogunperi

is a river that drowns
even at its bank

is a jungle where squirrels
become alpha lions

is a microphone that gives
a clear voice to the dumb

is an echo that penetrates
the walls in the deaf’s ears

is a wheel, standby for all
that can, that cannot drive

is a road that shifts
size, shape, surface, stretch

is a game: rules definitively undefined
players uncensored, unlimited

is a perigee, an apogee
to good, bad governance

is dirty, clean
because it is you and I.


Author of a book of poems, Twisted Tongues, Taofeek Olalekan Ogunperi was born and brought up in Ikirun,  Osun State, Nigeria. His poems have appeared in print and online media such as Muse for World Peace, Armistice, WriCon Quarterly Journal, Atelewo Pelebe, I am Not a Silent Poet, The Talented and elsewhere. He is a member of the Ultimate Club of Ikirun – an assemblage of youths promoting education in Ikirun and its environment; a member of Muse for Peace Foundation – a group of youths committed to community development and propagating peace. He blogs at namelessexpress.wordpress.com.



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