There is no place for you
in the future
You won the past
and as you struggle with the present
to re-captivate my mind
For certain, you’ve come to your fall
Never will I think of you again

I looked into your eyes, yesterday
All I saw in them was pain
Looking in the other direction, you hoped
would carry away your regret
in driving away your soulmate
Remember, I were the dream you dreamt
The ecstasy that will never evaporate

Why did you do it, girl
Under which circumstance or spell
did you let me go, girl
Look at where you are, now
Together we would have been further, sure

Optimized-broken relationship


The girl responds…
Who do you really think you are
You and I couldn’t have gone far
we had lost all sense of direction
and were destined to crush into a hard waterfall
I jumped out of the “relation” ship
and used a boat to escape
It’s about time, you did the same

I felt pain that was true
But it was not for my soul
It was for you…. You seem sad
Why did you mess us up
I prayed yesterday to the heavens
to grant me the grace to forgive you
For it is apparent you are damaged
I was the only girl you could have managed.

Wisdom Henry Magomero Uledi Studied Law at Staff Development Institute in Blantyre, Malawi. He is now The Publicity Secretary For The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Youth Urban Ministry (CCAPYUM) resident in Malawi’s Capital, Lilongwe. The Spoken Word Poet is sobriqueted as “The God Centered Poet” For His recitals do the linking of souls by bringing them to Christ,in heavens wing.



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