Let’s start from tomorrow.
And live the moments in reverse.
Skipping every tears and sorrow.
And recite backwardly this verse.

We’d part ways before we meet.
And make up before the quarrel.
Pass before we glimpse question sheet.
And drunk before emptying the barrel.



There shall be no terminal sickness.
Just regenerated youthfulness to tend.
Creasing skin losing toughness.
Backwardness that sores, it mend.

Let’s live from the morrow.
That we won’t meet to part.
Or need Ying and Yang , to borrow.
We may just end up at the start.



Rasheed Otegbola was born and attended elementary school in Lagos. He obtained a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Ibadan in 2014. He does creative arts and write poetry for recreation. His poems are inspired by fear and passion. He is happily married.



Coming up on May 1 in University of Ibadan

Coming up on May 1 in University of Ibadan





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