Shades of grey  [Not fifty 😉 ]

Right and wrong
From a tender age,
We are taught are polar opposites
But are they? Always?
Good and bad
Black and white
As you get older, shades of grey appear
The distinction becomes fuzzy
Not always, but every now and again

Shades of grey!

Shades of grey!

(Say) You’ve committed to one
Yet you meet another
And connect on a deep level
What to do?
Do you sacrifice the one for the other?
Is the mere thought of it bad?
When emotions conflict with duty,
With reason,
With expectations, mine and others’
Black and white mingle
Birthing shades of grey
Leaving me in a quandary
Am I right?
Or have I left all common sense behind?
What to do?
What to do…


Sinmi Aiyelaagbe is a medical student who has enjoyed reading from a young age. She occasionally writes poems and short stories. 



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