by Abu Bakr Sadiq

She forgets she’s a woman – First Runner-up of the 2018 Kreative Diadem Annual Creative Writing Contest (Poetry Category)

I’ve watched her body grow in leaps
Breaking the boundaries of sins unseen
Where women are forbidden to dream
Of stretching the cries on their hands to
She forgets the songs carved into her body
Hates to be reminded of the broken choruses
Her tongue had drawn her mind to death
Trying to keep to memory

She forgets she’s from a land of ashes
Where women are unfinished novellas
Written without titles
By sages who only spoke in silence


Some days, she unfolds into a song
Empties the gray haired lyrics
Bottled deep in her throat
On the circled edges of my heart
Until her voice is the only tune in my ribcage

She forgets the names tied to her neck
Answers to every noun too strong for vessels like her
Weak; she forgets her shadows in the kitchen
Allows her body to freely entwine
With the frozen smokes treading the skies


Some days, I want to envy her
But envy is not a song for men like me
The boys who taught me how to be a man
Said men are rap songs

With sounds of gunshots of their hooks
And lyrics jiggered by the rhythm of their messages
Who forget everything their bodies
Were never meant to be, and go chasing after
Women who’ve forgotten they are women


Some days, she cries her body to sleep
And calls it an act of bravery at dawn
Says that’s how women become men
Without asking who took the who


Out of the who whom their womanhood
Was ought to be defined by
A lot times, that’s how she forgets she’s a woman



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