She Held My Hand

“Am leaving now”, she said. Everybody knew what that meant. It meant she had done her part and would therefore very much wish to be excused so that she attended to her other schedules. Who could have blamed her when everybody was leaving? Besides, we had by this time reached the final phase of our work. “Thank you so much for the service you have rendered, it really means a lot and we do appreciate”. That was the Chief Executive Officer commending her input as far as  project implementation  was concerned. However, being a kind of girl she was, she made sure to shake hands with everybody as a way of saying goodbye. So it happened that I was the last and that was it.

It was in the way she held my hand. It must have lasted for eternity and it spoke more than the silence which enveloped our souls. She deliberately interlocked her hand  with mine and caressed my palm. She then looked deep into my eyes again and smiled, this time blushing. I retained that gaze in the most excellent way, but her eyes so  watery and lazy, made me propound that she must have been raised in a faraway planet. Still looking deep into her eyes, I noticed something very exquisite…she had that longing to be with me. Sadly, I was just a poet and could anything good come from a poet?

It was in the way she held my hand

It was in the way she held my hand

But something good came from a poet that day, at least he expressed how he had felt when her soft hand found her way into his palm. The message I sent her that night must have caught her by surprise, for her response revealed something that I never knew existed in her hearts of hearts. She said I was the guy she always came to see, I was the guy she was so eager to go out with even if that meant giving up her job. Besides, it was only part time and the reason she had not quickly accepted full time employment at another reputable organisation unlike our own was that she had the faintest belief of capturing my attention. All she ever wanted was to see me everyday, to pass through my office and extend greetings so cozy and incalculable. I recollected all those cold mornings she brought  coffee to my office, I used to think it was just a virtue of her being a partner and she did that in the name of professionalism. I regretted all of the moments I had misconstrued her gestures for friendship for she expected more.

Questions started puzzling my mind, did she really have any idea how much dumbstruck her splendour made me feel all the times we were together? Did she at any point in time, recognize how

in all our conversations I was always the one who talked less and did more of the staring? That should have granted her the clue that I was interested in her perhaps even more than she was in me.

Nevertheless, it was in the way she held my hand that day which became a determining factor of our remaining years on earth for we vowed to spend them together….and we did.

Retelling the story as it was last week and the continuation will continue after this continuation)

By me, The God Centered Poet


Wisdom Henry Magomero Uledi Studied Law at Staff Development Institute in Blantyre, Malawi. He is now The Publicity Secretary For The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Youth Urban Ministry (CCAPYUM) resident in Malawi’s Capital, Lilongwe. The Spoken Word Poet is sobriqueted as “The God Centered Poet” For His recitals do the linking of souls by bringing them to Christ,in heavens wing..



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