The bright light shines, everyday,

A dynamic touch with blossoming appeal,

Nature has never ceased to mirror her existence,

There is always something to say about her beauty.

Life may be unkind, life may be wobbly,

Nature still is a beautiful gift to human,

Nature says to us,

Dwell in full existence and explore to extreme.

The plants smile happily in their green attire,

The trees house the birds,

The seas clap and dance to everyday waves,

The sky illuminates and puts the face of nature to sleep.

Nature elucidates the Creator’s existence,

Nature’s breath is life to all,

Nature’s beauty is peace for all,

Nature is bold with reflection and fascination.

If only humanity can be kind,

If only we could stop being busy,

To learn from nature’s tale,

Life would be much easier.




A.A. Aremu is a graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, where he studied Accounting. He is in constant search of knowledge and loves the pen.





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