I was pregnant,

Every movement I felt was a wonder

With my growing stomach, my eagerness grew

Then I began to hear tales

Tales of the horrors of birth

Tales of reaching the great beyond

Tales of excruciating pain

Then my anxiety grew.

The big day came and my fear blossomed,

Became a pill too big to swallow

“Open your legs”

“Give way to your child”

I felt her try to push her way through

Yet I held on, I didn’t want a part of the pain

It became a struggle between us

And she won



The decision was taken out of my hands

And the journey began

Tears flowed like a car on the express

The moments of rest were welcomed with such relief

I began to search for the silver lining

I looked forward holding a baby in my hands

And I faced my pains with the knowledge of the joy ahead.

It soon became over

And I stretched my hands to welcome a baby


It was a stillbirth

The tears stopped flowing

And I looked on helplessly as my world crashed

Love found me

It taught me to face my fears

And just when I was ready to take on the world,

Love left.
Oluseyi Awojulugbe is a lady who believes that there is always another side to a story. She is a hopeful romantic who still believes despite the odds.For her, the best things in the world are God’s love, the view of the world that only words provide and being in a lover’s arms.



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