She lost her balance… It was  a masculine slap, of course she had to. The guy who was stern looking, short and chisel-muscled appeared so desperate with his eyes shining like a cat’s. He left her searching for her balance. Toke was furious, she hadn’t expected to be a hit by a guy…to talk of a stranger. She didn’t remember the last time she was slapped. He was beginning to sound like she had heard in the movies… “Do you know who I am?” “Who do you think you are?”… then she heard a distant cry for help.

“Look out, a guy just slapped a corps member”. She saw the mammoth crowd running towards them, and she rescinded her decision to hit him back. They pounced on him, anger emanating like heat from each of them. He was dragged by the hair as shouts of “How can you slap a corper?” “Who you be?” “Who born you?” “Who be your papa?” rented the air.

Toke was amongst the INEC ADHOC staff that were recruited to participate in the elections. She was among the few corps members selected because she had registered early enough for it. Though advised against registering, Toke insisted she wanted to participate because of her zeal to make her country a better place. She also insisted it wasn’t an everyday affair and figured being a corps member was her best bet. She mocked her friends, Chidi and Tega for not meeting up to the requirements and not getting selected.

Chidi and Tega were Toke’s closest friends. From the onset, Chidi had vowed he wasn’t participating as he learnt the previous election was violent. He advised Toke and Tega against participating, but they wouldn’t hear of it. They instead, influenced him into changing his mind and so he decided to join in the registration process. With the list out and only Toke’s name in sight, Chidi was a bit relieved, he sincerely wasn’t interested after all.
Tega had been indecisive right from the start. When Toke told him about it, he seemed really interested but when Chidi shared his point of view, he had lost interest. His indecisive nature made him finally accept to register when Toke brought it up over and over again…and also made them talk Chidi into registering too. However, he also wasn’t shortlisted.

* * * * * *

The corps members were outraged. They acted defensively, trying to fight for one of their own. It was an insult to their “uniform”, their personality, their body- the NYSC; having one of their own hit by an indigene…a coward in this case, a man who could hit a woman. They were not interested in the cause, the deed was done. Everyone of them; ladies inclusive, dealt with him and then gave him the warning of his life.

Apparently, the indigene was angry with Toke because as the presiding officer of her unit, she had prevented every form of irrelevant discussion that could mar the aim of the election. Toke, as a result of her upbringing was a very disciplined lady who would work only by following protocol. She thus double crossed the indigene in his covetous bid to help with election malpractice. Hence,  his attack on her personality the next time they met.

National Youth Service Corps

National Youth Service Corps

This is an avenue to pay homage to every corps member presently serving their fatherland. It is worthy of all causes to be patriotic in trying times, even when the team seems negligent. This is also an avenue to acknowledge every real MAN out there that would NEVER hit a lady, no matter the circumstance. It takes a real man to listen to a woman ranting and at most walk out on her. It is a privilege to have actually served in the year 2014/15- when the most intense and competitive election took place. It is a privilege to have contributed to the success of our development- the Nigerian development. It is a privilege to be a female – that every real man will fight for, and a Nigerian that would be proud of her country. It is a privilege to be able to tell my story to the world, without having to beg a particular TV or radio station before given an opportunity. It is an opportunity to be in this new age with every one of you. May the new government serve us as promised, and may Nigeria continue to become a better place to live in.

God bless all corps members,
God bless the NYSC,
God bless the INEC and
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

CORPERS WEE OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Osomo Bilikis Omosalewa, also known as Bilkisses is a talented Nigerian writer, blogger and caterer. She is a well-focused, emotionally-
stable, and a hard working young lady whose penchant for excellence and youthful drive makes an asset wherever she finds herself. She started blogging in 2012 under the domain name “Bilkisses blog” and has not stopped thrilling her fans with her mostly fictional stories.

As a storage biology graduate of the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria; Bilkisses currently owns “cakesbykisses”, a bakery which constitutes a team of experienced caterers who bake cakes to life.



March’s Match for Jonathan the Buharist


At the end of the scheming month

Seal your quick speaking mouth

Call me no Seer or Prophet

For I am but an ensnared Poet


Though they sign an accord

I do not see peace as a chord

Tying us to the feat of the future

But a broken feet to be sutured


Call me the minstrel of Doom

I can only laugh at your gloom

For the bride shall be without a groom

Like the scattered sons of a broom


It would not be free and fair

For this to be free of fear

For man shall match man

And month shall match March


Jonathan the Buharist

Jonathan the Buharist

Expectations shall be dashed

Just as Hopes shall be ashed

Like the remnant of a cremated corpse

The wind shall blow ashes from its cups


You hate the sound of Jonathan

You say he is a nonchalant charlatan

And you love the wind of Change

You say it blows away your rage

Harvest your fears

And prepare your tears

For your heart shall be pierced

As change-victory would be scarce


What nonsense have I said?

Oh, what sense have I made?

Saying the Charlatan may laugh last?

Or Change would grow weary?

No, Not at all!


Just like John the Baptist

We have our Jonathan the Buharist


POSTSCRIPT: A word for the profound, as the foolish things of these present times confounds the wise.


 Tijani Oluwamayowa.


About the Author of March’s Match for Jonathan the Buharist

Tijani is a poet, witty speaker, and award-winning Journalist. He was awarded most outstanding Pressman at University of Ibadan for 2013 and 2014.

As a public speaker, Tijani became arguably the finest speaker on any Nigerian campus, following his win at the Nigerian Championship of Public Speaking (Abuja 2013).

follow @Oluwamayowa_TJ




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